Crusader Item Set?

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I'm just wondering if there's going to be a Crusader item set, whether you saw a piece of it during beta, or if they've already announced it, etc.

It would be incredible if it was the Sigon's Complete Steel set from Diablo II, since they already have Immortal King's and all.

Other than that, I don't see anymore. There are none with a Flail or Shield as a piece of the set, which I am surprised of. Perhaps they will release some more sets shortly after the RoS release.
I do believe there is one Crusader set... at least that's what was seen on the PTR anyhow... and yeah they could add more via a patch later on
Yeah, and the Crusader set starts to seem a little underwhelming when you look at the Demon Hunter set bonuses. You call all your companions out at once and your sentries now fire your hatred spenders? That type of bonus really changes the way the class will perform. The Crusader set just lets you enter your uber mode twice as frequently and cast stuff cheaper when you do it. Hell, even the Barb set allows you to do some amazing stuff with the full set bonus, and it changes the way the class performs quite a bit.

But I think they'll add more sets to the game in the future. Hopefully the near future.

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