[CALC] The (elemental) Power Of The Monk

This version is "old" now. I also do not think to make a new version of it, as it is getting more and more complex and the result of all calculations will never meet exactly the InGame eDPS.

Sorry and wish all a lot of fun and a good loot at all


[latest version, dated 24th of June, see changelog for more details]


first of all. I am no native english speaker, so please excuse any typos or errors in grammar ;o)

A lot of questions regarding elemental and skill bonus on various items in comparison to a loss or win of paper/screen-DPS made me creating this sheet in order to give a better (not 100% correct) answer on the eDPS that is really done by the Monk.

As there are always tl;dr people. Here is just an Excel-file (working from Excel 93-), so enjoy playing with this sheet. But one more information in advance: The sheet is calculating eDPS, LoH, spirit regeneration and consumption, LpS, LpSS, CD, CDR, toughness, folowers buffs, some specific items, healing etc. and does have a quick Item-comparison. It is no "real fight-simulator"   ;o)


For others, which are maybe interested to know more about this, here are some more explanations and details:

  • General information and calculation of damage
  • Primary- and secondary attacks
  • Focus and Techniques
  • Defensive and Mantras
  • Passivas and manual damage calculation

  • If you find errors in calculation, just let me know. But please do not ask questions, that are already explained perfectly by your specialists like Druin, Davlok and others ;p

    As I am not checking the forum every day, please forgive me, if a question is not answered within a few hours ;o)

    Before I will forget to mention it... BIG THANKS to the above mentioned guys and some more players, that prepared a lot of information and helped me to create this sheet.

    Greetings, hf;gl

    06/24/2014: Version add changes of patch 2.0.6, dodge can now be activated/deactivated for checking "real" toughness, Odyn added again, elemental and elite DPS ("Progress values") added for reference
    05/25/2014: Version minor changes of some "cells´ names"
    05/22/2014: Version fixed an issue when calculating LpS and LpSS, if using 4 pieces INNAS set
    05/20/2014: Version added changes of Patch 2.0.5 (elemental damage and buffs of Skills, weapon-damage calculation)
    04/29/2014: Version 1.1 added OwE to toughness calculation, choose skill for Epiphany, corrected error when calculating armor
    04/24/2014: Version 1.0 added CD, CDR, toughness calculation incl. buff from skills etc. followers, calc sheet for CDR etc.
    04/24/2014: Version added min/max eDPS of weapons as reference, fixed an error at Fulminator calculation
    04/23/2014: Version 0.9.9 Many changes, see http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12205450732?page=3#43
    04/19/2014: Version Just make column J wider in order to show also 12digits eDPS properly
    04/16/2014: Version Mantra of Healing caused an error at spirit calculation, cells can be formatted (e.g. color)
    04/13/2014: Version a "lot" of changes, see here http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12205450732?page=2#32
    04/10/2014: Version calc-error at EP-explosion fixed
    04/07/2014: Version 0.9.6 just implement automatic calculation of cyclones of SW/C
    04/04/2014: Version adjustments at calculation-mechanics + added some bonuses
    03/28/2014: Version 0.9.4 adjustments at bonuses calc. and "Unity"
    03/26/2014: Version small adjustments at Mythic Rhythm calculation
    03/26/2014: Version 0.9.3 adding new skills, choose level 60 or 70 char (diff. values)
    03/25/2014: Version with minor corrections
    03/23/2014: Initial version 0.9.2 uploaded

    To-Do-List (not sorted in priority):
  • better or more detailed comparison for items (DPS/eDPS)
  • more detailed description of the skills
  • General

    You have to fill in a lot, but there is also a lot to calculate. There will be also no automatic import because of 3 reasons:

    1st: too much work ;p
    2nd: macros may make people "angry" or "afraid" of something (like virus or similar things included? ^^)
    3rd: many values that can be imported via API are wrong or not complete (paragon points)

    Please insert all values without mentioning your Mantras. Otherwise you fill in for example 65% IAS (because you are using the Mantra of Retribution/Transgression = +10% IAS and then you are adding 10% again by choosing the Mantra in the sheet again.

    What does the sheet do exactly?
    The sheet is calculating the monk´s eDPS roughly. Cannot be 100%, as you may never know if you hit all targets, depends on some skills/items with chance to procc something, how many targets are in the "forbidden palace" and will receive more damage etc. All this things cannot be defined 100%.

    I try to limit some target-numbers for various skills, so that you will not type in 100 targets and the sheet is calculating enormous (but wrong) values for AoE-skills.

    What does the sheet not do at all?
    The sheet cannot include very "external" buffs. E.g. Mantra of Retribution. If this is coming from a second monk in the party, you are also dealing "his" damage incl. all buffs to enemies that fight against you. Therefore you normally have to type in all his values as well and these have to calculate then again. I think it is not "worth" to do so, ven the eDPS is also pushed nicely ;o)

    The toughness is calculating proper as basic value, but not with changes at Mantras, Passivas or Skills that increase your toughness at the moment. Working on it. Just a lag of time.

    But some more detailed explanations and a kind of short manual...

    Calculation of damage

    The calculation is based on average damage of the weapons, except for some skills, that are just based on MH WD only (like WoL, CS, Serenity, Retribution...). So the numbers on the screen can be lower or higher, as the weapon damnage is always "from/to" damage.

    Increase of Damage
    I am just differentiating increase in damage, that is visible in the paper-DPS (like foresight, Fire Ally, ...) as well that is "invisible", so increasing your eDPS (like elementary bonus on skills, Forbidden Palace, ...).

    But when you check the sheet you will recognize for sure: "Paper-DPS is nothing that matters". Just compare your paper-DPS with eDPS and change the bonus on elementray damage slightly. You will see many items in a different way then.

    How to calculate different bonuses

    Elementary skills deal x% more damage:
    These are just calculated additivem if these are pushing the same element (e.g. fire+fire). Remark: It just dioes not matter at all, what elementary damage your weapon deals (e.g. +Holy damage from 570-850). This bonus is calculated on the skill you are using.

    "Quick" eDPS-Comparison

    Sounds much better than it is. Just a very very simple possbility to compare a loss of DPS and increase of eDPS because of some bonuses on elementary or skill or whatever.

    Calculating Toughness

    The basic calculation of toughness is included, but for the increase of toughness regarding skills etc., this is not finished yet.
    Primary attacks

    A primary attack is always a combination of 3 hits, that is done in a certain period of time. Therefore the percentage of a combination is mostly higher than the damage per second.

    Of course the damage is calculated different if 1 or more targets, if the skill is single-target or AoE.

    Nerfed extremely. Slower, less damage. There are so nice weapons supporting lightning damage (e.g. TF) but the main lightning skill get that "weak".

    Way of the Hundred Fists:
    Looking at this skill is just fun. Looks fast, deals a lot of damage. The checkbox is just to activate the 15% IAS buff of the "Blazing Fists".

    This skill is our only distance-attack and is increased in attack speed. Not as good as WotHF regarding damage, but very good in regenration of spirit at all. Checkbox is for activating "Foresight" buff.

    Crippling Wave:
    Still a good attack, if you are surrounded by a lot of enemies with a very good spirit regeneration as well. Against single-target, you should use another attack. Always the attack is made with AoE of 90° (1st hit), 180° (2nd hit) and finally 360° with the 3rd hit. Checkbox to activate "Breaking Waves" buff.

    This is just a rough explanation. For some real detailed information about the primaries, please check Davlok´s thread:

    Secondary attacks

    Lashing Tail Kick:
    A skill without any special "remarks", pretty good damage and nice effects. Unfortunatly the spirit costs are a little bit high (IMHO). Checkbox is just for activating "spamming" of LTK.

    Tempest Rush:
    Nothing special as well. Ticks 3 times a second and scales with ApS.

    "Wave of Light or simply the "bell":
    There is a checkbox for "spamming" the bell, so basically the damage is for 1 bell, if checkbox is activated the damage is calculated for the maximum possible bells per second based on mainhands ApS.

    Cycone Strike:
    CC or damage-skill? Your decision. Checkbox again to spam the skill instead of calculatingonly one per second.

    If you look at the damage, especially for "Fulminating Onslaught" (AoE) you will know why it has such a long cool-down.

    Mystic Ally:
    This skill makes me crazy. Skill decription sounds pretty the same, all attacks are different. Checkbox to activate the ally´s special effect.

    Epiphany/Inner Fire is based on MH weapon damage. Will benefit from all bonuses, of course also from fire% elemental-bonus. The effect can crit as well and benefits from ApS, as the faster you attack, the more often you will attack with inner/fire within the 15 seconds. Just activate by checkbox.


    Dashing Strike:
    Is it a movement skill, attack or defence? For me it is movement (I like to "cross" walls) and a perfect replacment for serenity at the moment ;o)

    Exploding Palm:
    For EP it is nearly impossible to calculate the eDPS. DoT (Damage over Time) is easy, but the 50% damage of explosion (based on maximum HP of the exploding target) as AoE is nearly impossible to integrate into the calculation. Except "Burning Essence". This skill does not support the 50% damage at time of explosion.

    More "specials"? Yes. 2 more things...

    1. "The Flesh is Weak" (Enemies hit take 20% additional damage for 9 seconds) is of course only valid for the target with palm. To aktivate the 20%, just click the checkbox.

    2. IMHO: Again "FiW" and "Strong Spirit" (10 spirit for each monster hit by explosion) are the best runes of this skill. "Burning Essence" will get a price for the "Best Animation ever", bút the damge is...

    Sweeping Wind:
    The wind stacks 3 times. Calculation is based on 3 stacks. Regarding the cyclones at SW/C, please count these and fill in manually. The automatic calculation is not ready yet, as I am not 100% confident with some PCs, that were measured.

    Even it is defence, each skill has 1 rune, that is more "aggressive".

  • Blinding Light/Faith In The Light: 29% increase of damage for 3 sec. Checkbox for activating the skill.
  • Breath of Heaven/Blazing Wrath: 10% damage increase for 9 seconds.
  • Inner Sanctuary/Forbidden Palace: Enemies inside take 30% increased damage for 6 seconds.
  • Serenity/Unwelcome Disturbance: While under the effects of Serenity, enemies within 20 yards take 438% weapon damage as Physical every second (scales with ApS).

  • Mantras

    As Mantras are passiv meanwhile all the time, they provide some active effect for 3 sec. when activating. Just click the checkbox to activate the effect.

    Regarding damage these are (checkbox to avtivate the mantras):

    Mantra of Conviction (buff for whole party): (if it is fixed someday):
    Enemies within 30 yards of you take 10% increased damage, active: 20%

    Imposanz increase the damage to 16% or 26% if activated.

    Rune "Submission": Enemies affected by Mantra of Conviction take 38% weapon damage per second as Holy. Scales with different bonuses (elementary, elite, ...).

    Mantra of Retribution (buff for whole party):
    Retribution" sounds aggressive and it is like that.

    You and your allies within 60 yards deal 101% of your weapon damage as Holy to attackers when blocking, dodging or getting hit (so in fight = always) ;o) aktive it is 202%

    the "aggressive" runes (additional passive effects):
  • Transgression: 10% increased IAS.
  • Collateral Damage: nemies damaged by Mantra of Retribution have a 75% chance to suffer a feedback blast, dealing 101% weapon damage as Holy to itself and nearby enemies.
  • Retaliation: passive = 202%, active = 303% and damage changed to fire.
  • Remark: All party members deal your damage. Means. Based on your mainhand´s WD, your CC, your bonuses, ... Really nice.

    Mantra of Evasion:
    Grants you a chance to create a burst of flame, dealing 35% WD as Fire to all nearby enemies when dodging an attack. IMHO: Better use Mantra of Retribution.

    Mantra of Healing:
    Healing = not damage, but nice effects regarding toughness/vitality/resistance. "Circular Breathing" is regenarting 3 spirit per second and spirit-spenders can cause a lot of damage as well ;o)

    Getting to Level 70, we will be able to use 4 passivas at the same time. Some are for pushing damage, some for defensive or things like movement-speed etc. Here I just want to show some more aggressive ones again.

    Guiding Light:
    Your heals and shields grant increased damage equal to the percentage of Life missing, up to a maximum of 30%, for 10 seconds. So take care that you activate this, wehn life is close or under 70%. Checkbox to activate the Passive.

    Combination Strike:
    Each different Spirit Generator you use increases your damage by 10% for 3 seconds. Checkbox to activate. Percentage is calculated by the quantity of the "skilled" primary attacks.

    Each ally affected by your Mantras increases your damage by 5% and has 5% increased damage. Checkbox to aktivate and please choose number of party members.

    Moving 30 yards increases your damage by 15% for 4 seconds. You can activate this by a checkbox.

    Mythic Rhythm:
    You can activate this by a checkbox. Every third hit from a Spirit Generator increases the damage of your next damaging Spirit Spender by 40%. This means in calculation-sheet for example:

    1. You activate Mythic Rhythm, therefore WoL makes a 40% higher damage than before

    2. If you activate "spamming" of the bells, the calculation changes as follows. 1st bell with40% more damage, the other bells within 1 second will be calculated without the 40% buff then.

    Remark: Only check out for the specific skill, NOT at the total DPS, because the 40% are calculated on every skill. Otherwise I have to add a checkbox for each buff at each skill. I think this would make the user interface more complicated ;o)

    Manual damage calculation

    Here will be more soon. Only Exploding Palm can be "calculated" here at the moment.:

    Exploding Palm:
    Just type in the HP of your target and activate the checkbox. You will see how relatively weak all other skills will be at that moment, especially, if the target is surrounded by more enemies and you also have skilled a higher value at Area-Damage ;o)

    One of the best skills as long as you are able to kill the target with EP. 2-4 palms in one group means the end of the whole group, it does not really matter how big the group is...
    < placeholder >
    03/24/2014 07:05 AMPosted by Carfesch
    Maybe Volun (German MVP) can also reply on some questions, he is checking the US forum daily and also "forced me" to release this sheet right here in the US forum ;o)

    And now I am forced to watch this thread^^
    Anyway, as I said you before, great work :)
    Wow ... I will need some time to read all this but great work right off the bat! :D

    Welcome to the US Monk forums and thank you so much for all your efforts! <3
    "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all" ~ HK
    Home -- BannedOfGamers.com
    Druin, the happy monk
    This is seriously the most useful tool I have ever seen for the monk class. I've already opened it up 5+ times today in search of better gear.

    Thanks a bunch and I hope you continue!
    This looks to be freaking spot-on! Just tested a ghom kill against my edps on the sheet.

    At first it looked like your sheet was running about 600K too high on EDPS until I removed CS completely (obviously this skill doesn't work on Ghom), leaving the whole "Focus" section of the spreadsheet blank.

    2,820,944.38 dps on recorded ghom test

    2,893,073.13 on your calculator

    I just wanted to share my results with you because your sheet was so close to the live test — pretty amazing in my opinion.

    Thanks for your hard work here!
    Nice guide! +1!
    Good morning,

    thanks for the welcome and as well for the first positive feedback.

    Great to hear, that is seems to work properly, even I know that is is not working properly the more targets you have. But then it would be more like a "fight-simulator in Excel" ;p

    03/24/2014 04:42 PMPosted by Fiddler
    I just wanted to share my results with you because your sheet was so close to the live test — pretty amazing in my opinion.
    Sounds great, but CS is working at Ghom. But there is a reason for that as well.

    If CS is choosen, it is "calculated" once per second, but normally not used once per second.

    You play with cyclones. Not every cyclone is hitting the target as it should. Also you see the small "poison-jellies", I do not know the english expression for these ;o) from Ghom. These are maybe hit by a cyclone, damage is not count at Ghom at all then.

    All this is modifying the damage-numbers, but at the end, these result should be pretty close to "reality".

    My major intention was to show paper-DPS/eDPS diffenrences and to calculate proper the buffs and damages. That the result of the eDPS will never be 100% correct (because of circumstances described above), this will be the same for all calculation. Buffed or unbuffed.

    Meanwhile there are so many checkboxes included, to make the result more "realistic". SSS for example is a big boost, but just once or one second with a very long CD. So there need to be a checkbox. Similar to many other skills...

    03/24/2014 04:13 PMPosted by Clow
    Thanks a bunch and I hope you continue!
    Try to make a good and easy to use overview, but it seems it is getting more and more complex, because of so many values to be considered. But hey... it will be continued and I will try to keep it easy to use. Still at 0.9.x version ;o)

    Greetings from overseas
    Carfresh, that's a great work you've done.

    In C / D 8 you mentioned LoH but in brackets you wrote Items/Paragon didn't you meant Life on hit or so?

    Vielen Dank aus Paris ;)
    03/25/2014 04:26 AMPosted by Teberon
    In C / D 8 you mentioned LoH but in brackets you wrote Items/Paragon didn't you meant Life on hit or so?

    Bonjour Teberon,

    It just mean, that you should fill in the LoH (Life on Hit) amount that you get by Items and (maybe) skilled by paragon-points (see char profile/details). That´s it. Very simple ;o)

    Greets to Paris (just 500km away from my hometown) ;o)
    Moin moin

    500 km? Seems to be Saarbrücken or anything near the border, maybe Freiburg ;)

    Small suggestion from my side to make it maybe more clear: Items+Paragon (items and paragon) instead of Items per Paragon
    @Teberon: "Moin moin?"... seems you are familiar with some German words and phrases ^^ Close to Cologne, it is also just 500km

    03/25/2014 04:54 AMPosted by Teberon
    Items+Paragon (items and paragon) instead of Items per Paragon
    Now I got your point... you understand "items/paragon" as

    "items per paragon"

    I try to express "items and/or paragon"

    In next version, I will make it different like "(see char-profile)" ;o)
    I lived over 30 years near and in Hamburg, so yes the German language is a bit familiar ;)

    Sheet looks nice until now even when Epiphany is not usable until now, but I think you need to make some maths before that.

    Again, great work for the Monk community
    Just so this doesn't disappear forever...I think this thread is worth to get into the sticky :)

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