Entire RoS Unplayable; Act V NOT Optimized

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MysticalOS and I both have Hackintoshes that trounce anything a "real" Mac can do and we're also being brought below 10 FPS in Act 5. It's a slide show even on my Mac Pro (yes I have one of those too). I suspect one or more of the effects in the zones within Act 5 that cause these slowdowns is being rendered purely by the CPU instead of the GPU, which would account for why the slowdowns only kick in full force when spells are going off (the CPU also functions as the physics calculator).

D3's engine was already fairly far away from well optimized on either platform, but Act 5 really bogs the engine down and then some. And since I play with sound disabled (I listen to other VGM albums I own when I farm), I know the sound isn't what's causing this.
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The area in Act 5 that give my Mac Pro with D500 trouble is the area just before the final battle. The dizziness inducing swirling haze cause the FPS drop to 30. I wish there is an option to turn it off. I avoid playing that area as much as possible. I have v-sync on. It's either around 60 or 30. There might be some other areas that I didn't notice. I only gone thru campaign mode one time.
My slowdown's aren't however just when spells are going off. It's a constant 1-2 second delay in responsiveness on all map areas with the exception of Mathael.

Pandemonium Fortress is by far the most egregious culprit.

I'm glad other Mac users are having similar concerns. Hopefully we can keep posting about this issue so it draws a Blue response and they can clarify if anything can be done.
Did bounties on act 5 with my friends today. The westmacrh height with the smoke also slow things down. On the bounty to kill Urzael. My screen turned grey as the fight starts, only task bar on the bottom and the over head map were visible. Of course I was killed, teleported back to town graphics went back to normal. They need to fixed optimize act 5 graphics.

Hope they fix the flashing graphics in field of graphics misery soon.
Me too, was fine from act i to iv then the framerate drops and became unstable in avt v. The town area is laggy, other bigger maps are laggy as well. Sometimes it drops to like 20fps and this does not happen once in act i-iv as i was having smooth framerate between 40-60.

And i experienced once in the cemetery map(cant recall the name), the game became very spikey and theres an input lag of like 1 seconds and the game bacame very choppy with my character blinking as i move, and the framerate jumped back and forth between 15-20. It went on for a few minutes then its fine again

I have first generation i5 cpu with amd mobility radeon hd5650 if it helps.
Some other issues with this lack of optimization is rifts.

About 1/2 to 1/3rd of rifts probably have A5 maps, when i run rifts solo i have to leave the rift because i simply know i won't be able to finish the rift. When im in a multiplayer game i have to go to town and patiently wait for my group to clear the a5 level and progress to an a1-4 map before i can rejoin them.

Not only that but i cannot play campaign with any of my other characters as playing it through just once was an absolute nightmare that took probably over 10 hours. Guaranteed legendaries on Malthael's first kill isn't a thing i get to enjoy as a result.

The entire act is unplayable in campaign, bounties, and rifts. This is broken.
Same here. Act V and rifts run like !@#.

Westmarch Heights and Pandemonium Fortress are worst offenders.

Have gone from running 1920x1200 everything high to 960x600 everything low practically overnight.
It's seriously pissing me off that two weeks in, and Blizzard still isn't even remotely acknowledging the issue - even AFTER a patch.
They don't give a crap, they got you money dude your !@#$ out of luck.
And still nothing.

There is bulls**t, and then there's this, Blizzard.
I think this deserves a response by now. Blue's are rather active on this forum but i think our issue is maybe the most severe of all. Minor bugs and the occasional crash don't compare to 1/5th of the game being unplayable.
LIke I said elsewhere, if I don't see even so much as an attempt at fixing this, I will be demanding my money back.
Act V (especially Westmarch Heights, Pandemonium Fortress) and rifts run like poop. The level of optimization is impressively poor.
What's interesting to me is I went all the way through Act V on launch day without any problems. Since 2.0.3, I can't even run the game in anything other than window mode with lowered FPS and graphic settings. Plus I'm hard crashing all the time, but that's a different thread from this one.
Wheres Blizzard? I want a refund on this, I can't play more than 2 rifts because it crashes the client and I have to restart my mac. THERES A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVING THIS ISSUE AND BLIZZARD WONT DO ANYTHING.
I seem to have lower frame rate on act 3, mainly the Stonefront and anywhere else on the wall, more so than act 5.
Act V is also unplayable for me. Especially after 20-30 minutes, and the Urzael fight is nearly impossible because of how bad the lag is with all of the flame graphics.
Same here. I've been silent on the forum due to optimizations on vanilla but ActV is horrid.

Side Not: not that the game requires super low MS, but I receive ~105ms whereas every other videogame ~33ms. It it normal to have such high MS on d3 servers?
My late model MacBook Pro 13in 2013 version with 16gb ram never lags, crashes, or freezes and I have all settings on and medium resolution.
3/5 of the top posts right now have blue responses to much MUCH more insignificant issues than this


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