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i am getting the same thing and it's only when i play d3 ros, all other games are fine
Same Problem - EXACTLY the same.

I bought my laptop last week - I played RoS for 5 days for HOURS without problems.

IT IS NOT, I REPEAT, IT IS NOT my hardware causing this.

I also changed the drivers (like every fkn driver possible).
03/26/2014 01:40 PMPosted by zHammeRz
The game is crashing because your computers are garbage. Plain and simple. Get high quality components from evga, coolermaster, asrock, & corsair. Then you can come onto these forums and laugh at all the bads. It's not the game people, it's you.

My gaming system:

Corsair 600T case
i5 3570k cpu with Coolermaster Hyper 212 cooler.
ASRock Z77 Fatal1ty Professional motherboard
8gb 1866 Corsair Vengeance
EVGA NEX 750B power supply
EVGA GTX 580 video card (refurb from Microcenter for $175!)
Creative Labs Soundblaster Z dedicated audio card

How come I'm not crashing? I haven't had ONE crash since this games release! If the game was coded wrong, I would have the same crashes as you! Where are my black screens, blue screens, lockups and BRRRRRRRRRRR coming through my sound????? I want to experience this, how do I get my game to crash?

Sweetheart your system is a joke so calm your !@#$.

It´s not our hardware causing this.... my graphics card is more expensive than your whole system...
Almost a week after this problem started and still having the same issue. Act 1-4, fine. Act 5, unplayable. I've updated/repaired D3, updated drivers, windows 7, no luck. As far as changing the programming lines around - guess what I've been told? Apparently that voids the end user contract! In other words, if you Gerry-rig a fix after Blizz fails to put out so much as an acknowledgement of a widespread issue you void any future assistance or right to financial dispute.

And the added irony - I submitted a help ticket which mysteriously disappeared last night. So I have to re-request assistance and from what I can tell there is no tech support number for Blizz.

In other words, I paid 40 dollars for the Crusader, playable in act 1-4 only.

*not a satisfied customer.

This problem started for me since patch 2x. And only this game :(

My setup is :

Asus P5k mb
Intel core2duo E4500 2,2
4x1 GB Kingston 800
Coolermaster 600w ps
Win 7 64x
Geforce GTX 570 oc

I know it's a bit old, i'll get my new one at the end of the week, but still doesn't experienced theese kind of problems before the patch. Tried everything, installed the latest drivers, set every video options to low, stress tested my setup for 2h (my video card was never able to reach 85 celsius before) and guess what? no freezing, even reinstalled win7 but the problem still occurs. My guess will be that the patch has a huge bug. I read other topics and forums and a lot of fellow player experience this problem, it doesn't matter what kind of video card, memory, etc. you use.
I hope blizz will fix it soon
Having the same problem on my PC, starting to lose faith.
Having exact same issue but it appears as though I can crash in any act at any time. Sometimes I can play for 4 hours with no issue and then sometimes it happens after 20 minutes. It always ends in the same black screen/buzzing/BSOD without the blue screen.
Same as all the others but i dont get the Buzzing everytime, I run Dual monitors so I watch temps on everything while playing nothing is overheating, drivers all updated, One monitor will go Blue the other goes black. and im not getting any error reports for either game when they crash they just lock up and either restart or hang. Im starting to wonder about audio now that ive ruled out my hard drives CPU and Graphics cards.
Id also like to mention that i suffer more problems, rather less play time before the crash, when im on TeamSpeak. Another reason im now looking at audio.
Same problem. :( Loud buzzing then my PC dies. (This is the only game it happens on)

Different settings - nope
Game repair option - nope
Uninstall & reinstall 15+ GB - NOPE

I even tried the "Disable desktop composition" thingamajig. No joy
Too bad also, because this game is awesome!
loud buzzing and BSOD

Stop: 0x0000007E

please help
This thread is scary.
I found a solution.

Control Panel
System and Security
Windows Firewall
Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall (on the left)
Now check all the and Blizzard programs

It worked for me... good luck!
I am having same issue. Screen blanks out then buzzing sound in earphones. Hard restart is required. Trying to see if it happens with any other games and no issues yet. Have latest Nvidia drivers.

i7 2600K @ 3.4 GHz
Corsair HX750 PSU
Corsair 120GB SSD
Same issue as well. Only happens on Diablo. Started at first when I was in a big group of Elites and thought it might have overloaded my card. But I ran a temp check during the game and I never got over 70 degrees C. Then it started to do it even when I was sitting in town. Specs below:

Intel Core i7 4770k
Gigabyte GTX 770 4GB

I have all the latest Nvidia drivers etc...
People with more powerful systems than I do are crashing all the same... what the hell Blizzard?!
This is happening to me aswell, my computer should be able to run the game fine. But when playing diablo 3 my computer randomly shuts down. Sometimes it's 20 minutes in sometimes it's 2 hours in.
I keep getting a blue screen of death wile playinh through act V.

The advise I got was to try and play the game on the lowest possible settings.
The problem seems to be a driver issue withing the catalyst control center from amd.
GPU: 7870 Ghz Edition.
The problem lies within atikmdag.sys
The latest drivers and the beta drivers have the same issue.
Here's hoping for new drivers that fix the problem!
04/03/2014 01:01 PMPosted by Bagelbyte
This is happening to me aswell, my computer should be able to run the game fine. But when playing diablo 3 my computer randomly shuts down. Sometimes it's 20 minutes in sometimes it's 2 hours in.

This is exactly what I am seeing as well. Here is hoping my hardware isn't failing and its just a software issue.

I just uninstalled everything and did windows update. Re-installing on a new hard-drive. I'll try to play tonight and see if that actually fixed anything.

On a side note, I was able to play Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2 on Ultra settings for over an hour with no trouble.
@Fleischwolf It's gotta be a software bug. I can wreck any other game out there right now on Ultra settings on my rig with NO issues whatsoever.

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