Adventure Mode at level 1? and Quests reset

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Just some questions on Adventure Mode and the expansion...

I checked the game guide and it wasn't clear: if I've beaten the game in the past, over a year ago, can I start a level 1 Crusader and play Adventure Mode right away?

Quests reset: so there is 100% to drop a legendary on boss kills 1st time - that's fantastic! If I reset Quests, is this reset back to 100% as well?


I always said if they fixed this game, I would come back... it's looking promising, but I want some more clarifications before I jump in this time... and I'm someone who blindly pre-ordered the CE of the original... learned my lesson.
to play adventure mode you need to complete act 5

reset quests for legendaries works to a certain level


butcher,belieal,azmodan diablo

61 plus maltheal

Do I need to complete Act 5 to unlock Adventure Mode account wide? Or is it per-character-bound?
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Do I need to complete Act 5 to unlock Adventure Mode account wide? Or is it per-character-bound?

IT should be account wide.
Reset only works in the campaign mode, play through all 5 act´s and you get a leg on Diablo.
So let's say I just killed Diablo, I'm level 30.

I exit the game, and do a quest reset.

I then start a new Story mode game, and start outside New Tristram on first quest.

Will Act 1 Butcher 100% drop a legendary?
Slaal already answered you on that.
Only Diablo and Malthael drops leg now. Diablo stop dropping at 60 and moved to Malthael Lv 70

You should find post by nevaltis somewhere
Yeah, and Espinosa muddied the answer, so I wasn't sure again...

edit: Now Babymaker did too... ha

edit #2: found it, thanks all!

03/24/2014 02:30 PMPosted by Grimiku
First Kill Legendary
Level 1-59 characters will get a guaranteed Legendary item the first time they kill a major end of Act boss (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo, and Malthael).
Characters below level 11 are not likely to find a Legendary item, though, because there are currently no Legendary items below level 11.
Using the Reset Quest feature will reset the First Kill Legendaries for players who are still in the correct level range.

Bonus Legendary
A guaranteed bonus Legendary item will drop off of Diablo for level 60 players.
Players level 61+ will receive a bonus Legendary item from Malthael, but Diablo will no longer drop one.
You must use the Reset Quest option in Campaign mode to receive a guaranteed Bonus Legendary item.

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