What's your build?

(Slight boss spoilers below if you havent played A5)

Are there any specific builds out yet? I know hammerdin is going to be mainstream because of the hammer mace and hammerdins from D2 being so full of nostalgia. I imagine someone will be making a 'smiter' with shield bash. And I also expect a few Wrath of Heaven users (I am going to be one of these. Loved the skill in D2, but it was so bad by comparison). I've seen a few people talk about Thorns builds as well? What else do we have going on.

I'm not 70 yet, I'm sitting at near 60 and just running trials and bounties to level up and get some quick gear on the way.

I'm really concerned at this 'no damage' or 'very slow' rumor I've been reading. I WILL say single target sucks. It took me between 5-10 minutes to kill Urzael and even longer to kill Adria. It felt like it anyways. In gamer time. Even with my shield/heaven's fury and hammer spam I tickle REAL bosses. But to be honest I really, really enjoyed the longer boss fights.

But when it comes to clearing whites/elites, I just run heaven's fury: ascendance as my "massive no manage nuke". It's basically a dreamier Hydra; it does damage at almost no cost and all you have to worry about is initial placement.

Then my hammer:limitless for my wrath spender since it's so cheap, hits hard, and is effective as the battering ram we get to ride.

I'm almost never out of wrath if I spam my hammers, or if I am I just hit shield bash to get my 15% block and attack speed buff up a few times and I can spam hammers again.

I personally run a more defensive build otherwise, usually 50% damage reduction and the healing aura + shield rune, that way I can stand in the middle of the intimidating waves and get away just fine, with my final skill being Akarat for those 'oh !@#$' moments when I might be against some extra health/shielding elites that didn't go down fast enough for my hammers or fury to bring down.

Albeit I've been trying out wrath of heaven since I loved the skill in D2.

I'm only 58 or so but I can clear T1 without much hassle, unless we're talking about real bosses. And when people say "Try that at 70" I don't understand how it can be WORSE at 70. The game's power curve starts high with legacy gear/legendaries/crafting as a low level, gets pretty even and good mid 20-40s, then is entirely weapon dependent from 40-70. Get a god tier wep and you're good to go. Keep upgrading every 2 levels by 10-20 dps yellows and well. A less pleasant journey, but this applies to ALL classes.

Once you get to 70 the game is at its peak of difficulty. Once you get a decent 2k+ weapon and a nice armor piece or two, the game begins to become easier again. So if anything, 70 should be EASIER than 58 once I acquire a weapon... Not the other way around.

tl;dr Heaven's Fury: Ascendance and Hammers:Limitless make elite killing a breeze. With all the hp regen you get out of using wrath and your defensive cooldowns/passives, it's hard to bring you down and on top of it you have a free revive with Akarat and hardcore defensive steroids you can activate if you use them as well.

So what is everyone else using that is either apparently 100% impossibly painful or what are you using that seems to be working just fine?
Check out my build, works great in T3 L70, I switch from Annihilate -> Impact Bombardment, and Sweep -> Shield Bash (last rune forgot name) for single target bosses in bounties/rifts.

Edit: Profile gear is extremely bugged though, not showing certain reforges, lower stats on gear etc. but the DPS/Toughness numbers are right & build.

I am leveling a crusader. And I laugh a bit with this "slow" not because I do not agree (since I don't know yet) but because what ppl say remind me of wow vanilla paladin with the autoattack while going to eat :D

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