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Demon Hunter
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cleaned up a bit of unnecessary stuff, ill be looking over this thread over and over again in the week to add info that i may have missed.
04/22/2014 05:44 PMPosted by DeviltheorY
Hello guys. Fresh demon hunter here (shelving my monk for the time being :P). I was wondering how viable the physical damage variants of cluster arrow are? I have a SoJ/Andariels that rolled physical, so I ended up sticking with it.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could take a quick look at my profile and see if any runes/passives need changing around to suite my current build and gear level.


If you manage to get a Buriza with great rolls and arrows are guaranteed to pierce 2 times, you can run Devouring Arrow as your primary with Physical cluster arrows as your secondary.

Your Devouring Arrow would do HUGE damage to single targets while your physical cluster bombs will clean up mobs.

If you can, also try to run Sentries and Pets as well!
slight update on wording on some topics. (Non important read if you already read the thread)
One other thing I'd like to chime in with as I've noticed it's not really being given its fair due, and for me at least, it made my lfb build viable at a much earlier time is area damage.

I see that in your post you have a small notation on it with a remark that you valuer resource reduction more; I disagree up to a point.

Before I explain my findings, let me share this link:


As a demon hunter relying on an AOE attack, I believe it's necessary for us to read that thread and understand the mechanics going on, then take a look at an easily obtainable set, demons hide (the level 70 set, not the level 60 one), which gives a straight 25% ad boost.

The mats for demons skin are very easy to obtain, and you can craft a solid 3 piece set very early on after dinging 70 - pants,shoulders,belt (after obtaining Royal Ring you can drop one).

This set became a staple of mine right after hitting level 70, and allowed me to almost jump into higher torment levels right after crafting them.

It shines in T1 speed runs as well and I will only pack it up after having both Hexing pants and the razor strop belt - the damage boost and clearing speed increase from having 25% AD is insane, and the extra 6K fire base damage being tossed out to everything cannot be underestimated.

It's posted here, and I agree, that a rough 50% resource reduction (60% total on gear) is the sweet spot for LFB builds, and thats definitely what you want to shoot for.

I disagree with the common perception that it should come from cindercoat and prides fall and this effects my choice of using the demons set as well, so I will explain my stance:

1. Cindercoat is necessary to run a LFB build properly, and covers that 30% of the 60% you need to run efficiently.

2. Prides Fall is a crutch at best, and should not be considered bis b y any means. Here is why:

In T4+ I have found that prides fall is nearly useless as mobs are all over you and ground aoe is damn near unavoidable most of the time both solo and in party, so the resource reduction is almost never in play.

In >Torment play prides falll simply isnt needed as a LFB is slower than strafe, multi, or even a danettas build, and therefore isnt used at all.

T1-T3 is the place prides fall finds an actual use, but even here it can be passed up if you have an andys with both fire+cluster damage, or a set helm - which most of us will end up using one of anyways. This makes farming for the prides fall a fools errand in my book.

The remaining 30% resource reduction should be gotten from paragon (10%), and 20% or close to it from simply having it on 2-3 items.

If you really want to shine, get it on several items and put your paragon into getting that Area Damage maxed instead of resource reduction (one item with a max roll nearly meets what you get here anyways) - you will see amazing results!

I spent a lot of time farming a Prides Fall and I could kick myself for it since the Demons skin route is far easier and gives much more in return.

I wish someone had pointed this out to me. :(

I agree with you regarding Area Damage and I had the Demon's Set in on an earlier draft of this thread, but I feel that the time and resources spent could be used for the Aughid's and/or Captain's Crimsons set, which are more valuable in most situations since dropping a SoJ (for better allocation of damage) and Cindercoat (for the Resource Reduction) right away are pretty unlikely. Of course, having Aughid's and Captain's means you won't have room for Demon's.

Pride's Fall is more of a 'preference BiS'; some can use it pretty effectively on higher Torments (EX. Unity BUG). It really is a good helm, unreliable, but good if you can use it and it fit it into your current gear set.

As for Paragon point allocation on Area Damage over Resource Reduction, the main reason i prefer the Resource Reduction is for the utility standpoint-Resource is what makes or breaks a DH and you can never have enough resource.

In lower Torments you can get away with lower Resource Reduction because of the damage output. In higher Torments you need to have Resource Reduction to keep farming efficiently and survive.

I appreciate that you brought this up and I may bring back the Demon's Set back into the thread!
updated the Royal Ring gearset section with the Demon's Set and made it easier to read. also updated the accuracy of details on a couple topics (not an important reread).
more updates in the week to make everything as accurate as possible.
Do you guys prefer to roll +CA or +CC for helm?
I've been working on my Demon Hunter, and I found this thread really helpful. Good work!
05/02/2014 11:06 AMPosted by Grimiku
I've been working on my Demon Hunter, and I found this thread really helpful. Good work!

patch today please this game getting boring
@Grimiku thanks for reading our forum. Please consider making this a sticky. There is only one of the three sticky threads that is updated for 2.0. Both Genesis and Texastranger are no longer active posters.
05/02/2014 11:06 AMPosted by Grimiku
I've been working on my Demon Hunter, and I found this thread really helpful. Good work!

Grimiku, you are working on your Demon hunter NERF, and found this thread really helpful FOR NERFING, aren't you?

Just kidding, glad to see you in the DH forum. please make this tread sticky.

All hail to Skyline for his awesome work.
05/02/2014 12:09 PMPosted by Apathy
05/02/2014 11:57 AMPosted by GhostDragon

Grimiku, you are working on your Demon hunter NERF, and found this thread really helpful FOR NERFING, aren't you?

Theorycraft Thursday - Featuring Grimiku's Unholy DH!

This build is all about using the worst possible combination of skills and items that could never compliment any build, like goldskin, but we are going to pretend like it does!

Because nothing is more against the norm than stacking gold find! It's not like we have a paragon stat just for gold find, or bonuses to gold find by difficulty level!

...and this is why Blue's rarely post in class forums.
05/02/2014 11:12 AMPosted by Blackhalo
Translation: this thread won't be useful for much longer

Quite correct because of people posting stuff like this. This is one reason why I'd prefer to see much less thread participation on the part of CM's. Every time they post people leap in to derail the thread.
DH is my favorite class. No nerfs plz :)
A DH Cluster Arrow build? Whoa! I'm not going to read the BIS list, but I can't imagine the wild idea of it having Cinder Coat or Magefist in it. Blizzard clearly has too many other viable alternatives that compete.

Oh, wait...
05/02/2014 11:06 AMPosted by Grimiku
I've been working on my Demon Hunter, and I found this thread really helpful. Good work!

One of us! One of us!

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