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Alright so I am getting very close to the point of not finding upgrades anymore. It's been over a day since my last good item. What I wanna know is what would be the best method for farming set pieces. or even legendaries.
Standard Legendaries & Non-Class Sets: Normal mode, speedrun bounties, pop caches.

Torment Legendaries & ClassSets: Torment mode, same.
I already know that. What I was asking is the best method to farm the torment set items. I have been running rifts and bounties non stop, and no matter how long I play or how fast I clear the areas nothing seems to be better than opening white chests or killing trash mobs.

Elites and champion packs have next to a zero percent chance of giving anything above yellow. Same goes for cursed and resplendent chests, opening them feels like a waste of time. The game feels very unrewarding for doing anything Above T1.
Put a flawless royal topaz to your helm this would give you %41 more chance to have legedary items.

Another one is to have a Cain's Set, which gives you %50 more finding magic items. Both of them gives you %91 more chance to have legendaries. And play adventure mode - torment levels as much as you can this will also increase your chance.

PS: I've got a feeling that if you put on 4 items of Cain's set, it drops more frequently rather than putting on 3 of the Cain's items, Although it says 3 set items maximize your having legendary item rates. I think I will create a topic about that. It could be my delusion actually but there could be a bug.


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