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Hey all.

Running a small clan at the moment basically just with people I know IRL or have met through other games. However I figured that the game tends to be more fun playing with other people rather than mindlessly farming on my own so I am hoping to find more like-minded people to join us.
We are a mature clan, all of us are in our mid 20's so we'd be looking for more people at our age or around the mark.

Currently we are all just farming and chatting! I do have a Teamspeak server available for use so members would be free to join us in chat.

Generally we're a casual bunch so if you're interested feel free to drop your tag and I'll add you to my friends and send you an invite.

Happy hunting!

Edit: My Battlenet tag is Equivalency#1449 - feel free to add me.
Edit 2: Now have a Facebook page running for members as well. Over 20+ members in the clan now. Having a great time come and join us!
hello fellow perthian
im already in a clan with a couple of people i know but feel free to add me regardless, always good finding people on the same time schedule or whatever to play with :)
Count me in if you don't mind playing with 'grandpa' (age 56).
Hardest thing has always been finding fellow players in this time zone and locale.

I'm in Guildford. Add me if you want TimeToDie#1678
Just what I'm looking for innobella#6420
Howdy, busybat#6807
Good stuff, croweater#1739
Hey there, I'm just clearing Act V atm (just bought RoS yesterday), but I'm keen on finding people to farm with once I'm up to snuff which hopefully should just take another day or two. Please add heavyblade#1832 if you're all right with having me :)
Add me tkdmatt#1815, I'm in NZ and need people to play with, pretty casual in the amount I play.
I'm from Perth, mid-20's too, but I'm already in a clan.

But feel free to add me to your friend list to party up for any farming runs =)

This is awesome, id like to join. Im from Stirling, Perth.
Im on my mid-20's too :) Add me please IamSiege#6351
Awesome! Thought i was the only one :p

hit us up lads
Hey guys added a bunch of you all today. Looking forward to playing and meeting you all. Teamspeak details will be up on the clan message of the day.

Up to 14 members playing with us now. Most of which are from Perth and a few abroad! Come join us =]
Already in 7Sins clan but feel free to add me. Ex-Perthian, now in KL, Malaysia. Same time zone though. Currently play a lot with ANZ friends.
Yep add me too. PhoenixFire#6336. I'm already in a clan though with mates, but I'm happy to add more Perth based people.

I play mainly Torment 3 but I can do Torment 4 and probably 5 (don't know, never tried it)
Howdy, I would love to join the clan, Just add me and accept when i leave my !@#$ty clan im in, better being with fellow farmers then folk who are not interesting. Kayoko#6425
Well in Perth shame not able to join two clans a im in small 6 team only, but if you want good wiz for runs then im in please.
Well in Perth shame not able to join two clans a im in small 6 team only, but if you want good wiz for runs then im in please.

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