Mystical Source.

Bug Report
Mystical Source.

Drops from Ponies. Confirmed from:
- Act 1, Old Tristram Road, Whimsyshire, Creampuff (rare spawn)
- Act 1, Old Tristram Road, Whimsyshire, Midnight Sparkle (rare spawn)
- Act 1, Old Tristram Road, Whimsyshire, Nightmarity (rare spawn)
- Act 1, Old Tristram Road, Whimsyshire, members of Team Unicorn: Miss Hell, R'Lyeh, Killaire and Maulin Sorely (rare spawns)

The spawn rate on these monsters is horrendously low. Then, if you are lucky to find one of them, the drop rate for the material is horrendously low.

Please increase their spawn rate.
Has been in Whimsyshire and tried to get Mystical Source to drop but with no luck.
Have cleaned the whole Whimsyshire certainly fifty times now in t1 and t5 over the weekend without a single drop ... very frustrating.
Do something about it .. bugged or broken
04/08/2014 04:14 PMPosted by nuoli

You need to have the Staff of Herding in your inventory for it to spawn. Judging by your account, I can assume you don't know what the Staff of Herding is. Therefore, read the following.

And, watch this video.

I been trying for a week. Not a single one.
this has been bugged for a while, or they made it like this for a reason, its not worth your time, some ppll have put 2+bill gold & 100+ hrs just for one item of this set. Not to mention the fact its not the best one, its just the most general with the set boost. and you can most likely get better stats form a random leg then this, and leg are easier to farm then this, after reading one post with 129 reply's i see this is not near worth the effort or the time. srry, just try to get lucky drops on leg. (oh and a little tip, if you cant do T6 just do norm, the drop rates are slightly lower but you can run over 4x the amount of runs, for leg btw i have gotten 5 leg in about 1hr-2hr by doing this, and im only talking about the ones im using. and if you want set gear gl, t6 is best way to go.)
This really needs some attention - for a zone that needs a quest item to enter - to "ultra rare" spawns - to a RNG chance of a craft item drop...

I have done Whimsyshire 60+ times and have yet to see one of the rare mobs... really? how can that be?

This is is simply unacceptable for a crafted piece that still has the chance to roll mediocre stats.

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