My new $800 Gaming Laptop "Low on Memory"...

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Need any help or advice, please.

I recently bought

Acer Aspire V3-772G-9829 Notebook Intel Core i7 4702MQ (2.20GHz) 8GB Memory 1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 17.3" Windows 8

First I fully windows updated, installed windows 8.1, fully updated again.

Second, went to the Nvidia website and got the March 2014 drivers for my GEforce 750m graphics card.

The issue i find is when i look up DXdiag it shows 3000 something video memory which is the Intel Integrated HD Graphics and no other graphics card. I do know there is also a GEforce 750m graphics card in this laptop and the nvidia update worked so i assumed it would automatically use that dedicated graphics when gaming. I even ran "can i run that game" website for D3 ROS and result was yes i could on highest settings. Because i play Hardcore i turned off game sound and put game on lowest settings.

Played about 2 hours of D3 Hardcore and then got error "Close programs to prevent information loss, your computer is low on memory. Save your files and close these programs: Diablo III Retail" which was the only thing open on the whole computer. This led to my lvl 52 HC Wizzard dying in Act 2 which is no big deal -the biggest loss were the gems (expensive to craft) and leveling gear i had on her.

I would allreciate any advice so this does not happen in future or how to troubleshoot it. I'm wondering if a USB 3.0 made as the dedicated Ready Boost would work or do i need to change some settings? I'm new on Windows 8, needles to say hate it and ended up getting "start is back" software :) but Win 8 still by FAR worst windows ever.

Thanks again for any help
I have the same problem with my laptop , it played fine diablo 3 before Reaper of souls
Your laptop has two GPUs, the integrated Intel GPU and the NVidia GPU. When under low video conditions, desktop and watching videos, it will use the Intel as it uses vastly less power than the NVidia GPU as it is built onto the CPU itself. The Intel GPU will show up when running DXDiag because of that.

As well it can dynamically use up to 3GB of system RAM for VRAM.

Now you went and updated the GPU drivers with the ones from NVidia which is not the proper course as those laptops are designed to operate with drivers created to make both GPUs work. Try going to Acers website and installing the latest drivers from Intel and NVidia from them and try playing it again and see if it makes a difference as D3 shouldn't be using that much RAM.

As a side note, that is not a gaming laptop but rather a normal laptop with a mid range GPU. A gaming laptop would be like the Asus RoG G750 with a dedicated NVidia GTX880.
I have both windows and mac and i play on... Mac.. Stable, better memory management, faster, no need antivirus. Maverick is simply better than wdoZ...

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