What did she call me?

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At some point in Act 5, I'm pretty sure it was the Mystic who called me (a Wiz) a "solcharis." My vocabulary isn't too bad, but I did a double take at that.

And the reason my vocabulary is decent is when I don't recognize a word, I write it down and look it up later. I did a search for "solcharis," and the 2-3 search engines I used all insist I've made a mistake. Nothing recognizes that word.

It seems entirely made up, but that seems odd for just "idle chatter" from an NPC. Any feedback?
Unless it's just flavor text to go with her horrible stereotypical "gypsy" character.

EEeen m-eye kountry, vee call awl da cute magik boys "solcharis!"
The word must have some sort of innate funny grammar mistake. Or blizz just made that up.
Funny, I keep getting called "Celdo" (Pronounced: "Chel-doh"). I mainly a Monk, but I'll be checking to see if my Witch Doctor is called something else.
She keeps calling my lady-wizard 'Chelsa'. I imagine it's some term meaning something in some made-up language to which we have no translation for?
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She keeps calling my lady-wizard 'Chelsa'. I imagine it's some term meaning something in some made-up language to which we have no translation for?

Hehe, why not? I'm sure Sanctuary has slang in a myriad of forms. And it's not like she is going to refer to us by name (which would be terrifying). Also, I rather enjoy someone who doesn't refer to me as "Nephalem" every second sentence.

Being called "Monk" doesn't happen nearly as often, but having a semi-personalized name to call us sorta drives home that the Mystic knows us rather intimately, if not awkwardly, well.
She calls me "Celdo" too. I too that in context to sound more like a casual endearing term, like an old waitress at Denny's that calls you "sweetie."

The "solcharis" line made it sound like I was bitter, angry, frustrated ... something more like that. I don't remember it exactly, I've only played through the campaign one time. But it did throw me off.
For me, it was in the context of "never believing that [I] can be happy" (paraphrase). So, I think it's some kind of astrological sign in Sanctuary, like some IRL astrologers who say, "I can tell you're a pisces; you're so compassionate!"
I would really hope that Blizz wouldn't make up an in-universe word/term and not elaborate on it when masochist works just fine.
I'm convinced it's just a non-English (but actual, spoken) word.
Ya I'm interested to see if these terms ever get elaborated on in future projects
haha, I did the exact same thing as the OP, and I ended up here per google. Cool to see I wans't the only one.
Me too, this is the only reference on the web. (according to Google at least)

My demon hunter just got called that by Myriam, saying I "would never be happy or content." So a wanderer maybe? A grumpy person? Someone that doesn't believe in prophecies? Not really sure what she meant by it either.
Okay, so going out on a limb I am going to offer that this word is being used to denote someone who is a form of a solitary individual. There is probably more to it than that but so far that is my take on it.

PS: I don't use Google, I use ixquick. I use ixquick for two reasons, it helps to stick to a giant corporation, and I value privacy.
Here is my guess:

Sol - from Latin "solus" which means "alone."
Charis - from Greek "charis" which means "grace," or "to be favored or blessed" (root of "charisma")

So, the demon hunter is one who has received divine gifts but remains in solitude. Or something like that.
This is the first thing that came up when I googled solcharis haha
It's Slovakian
Aren't those just the names of the characters?
Hi, I've played the Briarthorn Cemetery part more than a few times. Myriam's conversations are unavoidable and her lines are always the same. The 'solcharis' bit stuck in my ear too and search engines lead you here. Best bet's an in-game made-up word from the Vecin language, then.

Myriam is one of the three Vecin you meet in Diablo 3. The other two are Karyna, the woman you save from the Spider Queen and has a posh British diction but similar dress & scarf to Myriam and moves through the world with her cart, and the merchant Vidar the Collector from Bastion's keep. Add their remarks, conversation, Vidar's and Myriam's diction, Myriam's second sight, and looks up and you get a similar flavour to a well-known formerly itinerant people in Europe, paraphrased in Sanctuary. Celso, feminine: celsa, is their catch-all word for any non-Vecin. Compare to "gadjo" from Romany, or perhaps "goy" from Yiddish, or "gaijin" from Japanese.

Jonesy above mentions "solcharis" as a word from Slovakian? Still curious... Wiktionary only has Romanian and Serbocroat versions, which both draw a blank, as does the online Romany / English version...

Why does the word seem to fit so right? Does it (vaguely) sound like some other Latin, Greek or English phrase for a pessimistic or glum person?
I also think that it might be something like slovakian or moldovian word.. and I'm dead curious to know, also.
This just seems to be some cool secret that blizz isn't telling us... Or just a made-up word, in which case I doubt they'd admit to it :P

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