Looking for a white Ascended Shield

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Willing to trade whatever I can for it. Please add me, dracus#1902. Thanks!
04/01/2014 11:45 PMPosted by dracus
Willing to trade whatever I can for it. Please add me, dracus#1902. Thanks!
I found a Superior Ascended Shield white Shield yesterday before killing Siegebreaker on Normal in Adventure Mode. Apparently the Superior Ascended Shield counts as a "regular" Ascended Shield" according to the crafting mats required to craft a Legendary shield.

Not willing to trade but just here to help you. Another tip, if you stumble upon this shield, is to not craft a legendary shield as of now. The block amount is bugged, giving about 4K block amount instead for 20K+ block amount. I think this issue will be hotfixed soon by blizz.
Still need one of these? I'm keeping an eye out.

Tip: Go to Act 5, cant remember the zone name, its where you collect the Siege Runes. There are armor piles EEEEEEEEVERYWHERE. I'm fairly sure they drop from them.

Btw... if this is for a hallowed defender. Don't bother (yet). Look at the block amount. It's broken.
Yeah I spent hours farming the Battlefields in Act V last night. Must have clicked on 200 armor racks. Nothing.

And yeah I noticed that Hallowed Defender is rolling lvl60 block amounts. I'll probably hold off until they patch it, but I'd like to at least get the mats ready. I got the Angelic Shard from Izual on the second try, yet haven't been able to find a stupid white shield for the life of me.
I have one available if you still need. I'm typically available 11-12PST and 4-6 PST

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