Hero Line wars on Diablo 3

Not sure how many of you here played the custom maps back on Warcraft 3.

There was this particular map named 'Hero Line Wars'

The base idea of this map was to defend your base slay any monsters that come close and not let any monsters reach the portals.

Here's the 'VS' part of the game, you can summon monsters that will attempt to breach opponents' portals.

There is also a passive resource income going on in there, where you receive a set amount of resource every X-Seconds for summoning monsters. This income can be increased by summoning more monsters.

So how this would work on D3 (i suggest) would be.

- 2 Teams, 1v1,2v2,3v3 etc.
- 10-15 min games
- X amount of lives, Lives are lost when the player dies or when a monster successfully runs into their base portal.

- Starts off with X amount of resource which is given out every X seconds. Resources are used to purchase timed buff or summoning monsters to opponents.
- Stronger monsters costs more resources to summon which in return give more 'Passive Resource gain every X seconds'
- Point Counter which records the score between 2 teams, stronger monsters gives more points.
- Mile stone for every X amount of points obtained per team, gives out rewards each time a milestone is reached
- Cooldown for summoning monsters and Elite / Boss monsters has longer CD

- team loses when all lives are depleted
- team with the most points at the end of the time limit wins

Some screenshots below:


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