New keyboard and mouse, looking for opinions!

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I'm looking for new keyb and mouse guys! I have a Logitech G15 (orange version) and Roccat Kone+ and thought on going to Corsair Vengeance K95 for keyb and Razer Naga HEX for mouse. What do you think? I'd be glad if u shared ur opinion with me :)
I use the Mad catz Strike 7, however I previously had the Strike 5.
It's a modular keyboard (as in it has separate sections. You can have the numpad on the left hand side, set up for however you may like it) and it has an added piece up top which can be used to have quick access to apps.
The keys don't wear easily, it's sturdy and cat proof!

As for mice, previously I had used Alienware Tactx, simple mouse. Good, simple, suited my needs (I don't much use macros, so I don't need fancy malfunctioned mice)
However, since I loved my keyboard so much, went with a Mad catz RAT 6. Can be adjusted for your needs, size wise and you can set your sensitivities how you like.

However, like all things, it is a personal preference and also dependent on what gaming style you prefer.
If you use macros and want them on the mouse, Cyborg MMO 7.

And then, price is a huge factor. I paid roughly $300 for keyboard, another $80 for mouse. There are a lot cheaper options, but I have yet to regret my purchase.
FILCO keyboard with brown keys
Straight up best purchase ever, stike 5, untill i noticed the strike 7 exists and wishing i bought that now.

messing around with how to download and apply the profiles to the mouse, any suggestions on an easy website that explains it? been at it half an hour now and only finding threads like your comment here.

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