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4/10 as you are just recently to 70 hard to give ya a good rating. Good start though I'd work on some all resist.
IckyFlex, you've got a few useless stats on your items like the +ancient spear damage and are missing quite a bit of crit/cd from your neck. Could get yourself a nice witching hour or mighty belt with some more damage stats. Also upgrade those gems!

I would recommend looking into the bloodthirst talent as this adds a ton of survivability. I think having that much life with only 6 mil toughness is giving you a highly inflated number as your armor and AR are probably low. Drop some health and get some more of those. Your eHP will thank you.

very nice barb slapjack! jealous of your witching hour!!!
04/13/2014 12:31 PMPosted by VARRO
very nice barb slapjack! jealous of your witching hour!!!

nice gear for hardcore

I miss my fjord cutter. For having a lovely one you get a 7 getbig. Interesting gear setup, looks like you need to tweak some skills to get in line with the lightning, particularly a big damage dealer for bosses/elite mobs.

I'm digging the throw barb build with the Three Hundredth Spear. Overall I'm liking the dedication to the fire throw build with the +fire and +ancient spear. Great roll on that royal ring (need some sets to take advantage though) and very nice top roll on the move speed on your Chilanik's Chain. Nice cindercoat, I know many still in search of one.

Could improve:
You're missing out on a lot of bonuses by not utilizing any sets that take advantage of your royal ring. The rare amulet could use and upgrade to +fire and higher crit damage. Gladiator gauntlets could use an upgrade, a nicely rolled magefist would be awesome for your build. Gems could using maxing out.

Overall nice gear, but still room to grow.

@ DeeVine 8/10
@bluepeel nice deeeps and set piece bonuses but severely lacking in the AR department. 7/10
@Kurupt Some pretty good gear but it looks like your just waiting to get more set pieces. Your str and life beat the heck out of my own. You probably survive stuff I have to run away from. 8/10
@Biobinary 6/10
04/15/2014 11:39 PMPosted by ShyShadow
@Biobinary 6/10

Very nice set ShyShadow, 93% of awesome fire damage.

Looks like you're working on completing set, good luck with more drops.

Very jealous of the Devastator/TF.

I would recommend a SoJ if you can roll one with the right stats, it will make a huge difference.

@decay 8 out of 10 nice gear just need a soj and a better lightning ammy
@Talmage 7 out of 10. You have a good build but you need a lot of % fire damage. Don't get carried away with sheet dps, EDPS is better.
yeah i have been grinding away looking for cindercoat, magefist, and the fire mace plans

8/10. Very awesome gears you have there, especially that magefist. Could probably work on more +fire damage gears and SoJ though.

7/10. Nice gears.
@nocloo, nice barb 7/10 keep farming bro :D
@shaman thats an interesting build. Any good?

still workin on my lighting barb.
04/16/2014 11:52 AMPosted by Ramza
@shaman thats an interesting build. Any good?

still workin on my lighting barb.

nice lighting barb, you should go for CDR in helm, lack some DPS but get a socket. 10+CDR is nice ^_^!

04/16/2014 11:52 AMPosted by Ramza
@shaman thats an interesting build. Any good?

still workin on my lighting barb.

Yea it is good i can farm up to t4 now... I like WW because i surround mobs they dont surround me, and the procs from Odis son makes it worthwhile. I kill faster with ww than hota because I have more mobility and control over mobs and can use another passive instead of earthen might for the fury, which I would have to use if I were to use Hota.

Even without EQ set you change leap for overpower killing spree you got an awesome build for farming up to T2, thats with Odins Son and Monarch.

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