Any news on ps4 version they show on Pax??

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I think im not alone about to get news about Ultimate evil edition on ps4.
So have any one heard something? I meen they must say something now when they show another demo on ps4. Common blue post please say something now....
Haha good to see I'm not the only one waiting for this.
TBH, I'm starting to lose hope on this, been waiting for months for an update for the PS4. It was coming 'soon' 6 months ago.
I honestly thought it would come out on PS4 in april/may... But since they don't give any kind of real update about a date, I'm don't think I'll wait much longer for this game (sadly).
Let's see after this weekend I guess!! :P
Yes i feel exactly the same.
But if they delay it to far its not a buy for me. And here is why:
Destiny 9th September
And Sonys Zombie mmo H1Z1 that i heard rummors that it may arive in late summer this year :)
As you said: Im starting to lose hope on this one.
Blizzard REALY SUCKS at marketing there game..... Too bad for them i just say!!
I Personaly think Blizzard is Worse than EA as a company because there way to treat gamers who is whaiting.........
It's not really Blizzards fault in this case. They're still trying to work out a deal with Microsoft in regards to the Xbox One version. Seeing as how they already made a deal with Sony 4+ months ago, I'm willing to bet it's Microsoft that's slowing this process down. And Blizzard doesn't want to announce anything until they know for sure one way or another.

My best guess is Microsoft wants some kind of exclusive deal(pre order items or something similar) that Blizzard isn't willing to give them.

But, in no way is Blizzard worse than EA. Both companies have their faults, but EA's microtransaction model drops them way lower than Blizzard has ever been. But, to each their own.
i cant recall where i saw this, but i read some place it was in september i think i saw that on IGN but not sure on that
If Sony gets a deal before Microsoft then release it to ps4 first then just port the game when they come to a good deal with Microsoft.

They are taking PAXEast by Storm,
and yet we don't have a link from blizz
Microsoft wont allow it. You can either release simultaneously, release on the X1 first, or not release on the X1 at all. They're kinda jerks about it.
I have heard hearthstone and heroes of the storm news yet no ps4 news.
04/11/2014 12:56 PMPosted by Druzz
If Sony gets a deal before Microsoft then release it to ps4 first

Deal is here :
Blizzard has just announced a strategic partnership with Sony, beginning with a port of Diablo III to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game consoles.

Sure Microsoft won't like it !
Honestly it doesn't matter at this point. I mean if they wait to long they will probably lose a lot of sales to the PC and/or the game will lose so much hype there will be no point.

As mentioned above many great games coming out towards summer and fall

They will have to contend with all the Sony MMOs - Planet Side 2, the new zombie game etc.

I mean bottom line is a lot of games are coming out including Destiny and other big games on both consoles. So they either release in the next month or two or it's going to be a hard sale - especially with so many console users not wanting to upgrade just yet (lots of their d3 players are still with previous gen consoles). I mean they are in a tight spot with this one. I have already bought 2 copies (one for me and one for my fiancé) for pc, and I'm willing to purchase now but in a few months not so much.

So they should clue us in or get ready for a disappoint. Also if it's a timed release for PS4 the x1 won't have it period - Microsoft stands by that 100%.
04/11/2014 04:41 PMPosted by Igneus
Also if it's a timed release for PS4 the x1 won't have it period - Microsoft stands by that 100%.

I'm wondering if that's the cause for the extended negotiations between Blizzard and MS. Either that or MS wants the timed release for the X1 and Blizzard is saying no. It's super annoying, given both companies want the game on the X1.

As for the rest, personally, I wont be getting the xpack for PC, but will buy the PS4 version when it comes out, regardless of the timing. Offline play by itself is enough for me. Looking forward to a few other games as well, but I doubt I'll get as much enjoyment out of them compared to RoS. I may be in the minority, though.
Gamespot video from PAX

No sign of release date though.
Thanks for sharing Ultrasoul. Looks pretty awesome so far. I'm going to need to expand my PS friends list based on what I saw.
A little more about D3 Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4

No Season for ps4 :(

New D3 Nemesis system added to the PS4. :)
Its so hard to give a ballpark idea. If you think its June say June, what negative effects are there? If it gets delayed it gets delayed.
Will the new paragon system of being able to have infinite paragon be put into the ps4 version?
This whole thing really bothers me Blizzard's handling of the PS4 release...

They announce PS3/PS4 versions.. but put it out on 360 instead of PS4 like 6 months later in September.

6 months after this release we still have no PS4 release date, and instead hear they are firetrucking negotiating the XB1 contract with Microsoft... and that they "plan to launch anytime within calendar year 2014."

Why are us Sony owners getting burned for the XB repeatedly. The gosh darn XB1 is going to continue to deejay our game (which I may just not buy at some point), and probably neuter our features with its parity rules.
I bet that sonys game H1Z1 will arive faster, and if so there's no need to buy d3 because that game will keep me busy to Destiny comes and its all done :-)

Game over.....

( or ill put it like this: i will NEVER ever wait more than max 2 month for this one, if they not deliver im not buying, im sick and tired of this bull#*@t..)

I will most likely not be buying the PS4 version if it does not come out soon, there are more new AAA games in the Q3/Q4 of 2014.

Might just borrow a friend's PC account and play that instead.

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