Error 395002

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i too , and many others experience this
I'm getting that, too. Tried reloading the bnet app and keep getting the error.
Yep same here let battlenet patch like it asked now shut out WTF bliz?
I'm also getting this message.
Same here. Authenticates but won't load heroes. What's up Bliz?
Same here.
is there a fix for this? Same issue here as well. i tried to restart pc but nothing
same, anyone find a solution?
Same here as well
Constant D/C all week, seemed to be fixed last night, now im getting this error too /frustrated
please fix!
here we go again woop woop
It's hitting me too
Same issue here
First time receiving this. And also been getting the random D/C's during rifts. Which I never had either of those problems until after the supposed "hotfix". Seems more like a "hotmess".

I know you guys are working hard, I just don't understand how my game is messed up now after a "fix".

Thanks and good luck to all for the fix.
I updated the launcher and now I'm in the same boat as everyone else it seems.
Also having this issue.
Same here. Restarted game, but didn't work.
Well, I just made a thread but I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

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