Error 395002

Technical Support
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I'm also getting this
meeeeeeeeee tttttttttttttooooooooooooooo2222222222222222222222 T_T
Thanks for the reports everyone. We now have top men looking into this issue. At the moment we do not have an ETA.
Same here, restarted everything still get 395002, or just sits on retrieving hero list forever
yes same, glad to see its not just me. I thought they had this SH*T figured out!!!

let me play the damn game
Same, got into europe server just fine, and logged into NA server not 2 hours ago just fine. This would have to happen on my day off ffs
Tripped over wire = 10 mins.... no wait... 10 hrs to fix. Dangit.
Thank you Gakonzus! Also, interesting avatar!
Top Men?

Like, from Indiana Jones?
Can we get 100 leg as pay back blizzard? ?love your guys.
I just closed the game and the launcher said there was an update and to restart, now its just stuck trying to retrieve my hero's list
Thanks Gak. Please keep us posted.
Adding my name to the pot.
04/10/2014 02:47 PMPosted by Bwhizpa
?love your guys.

Same here, unable to retrieving hero list after update.
Same, kind of sucks. Long day, all I want to do is play RoS, and then this happens.
04/10/2014 02:46 PMPosted by JSP
Top Men?

Like, from Indiana Jones?

Top... men.

Also effecting character changes.
i feel ya AcgWhiteLion
I was getting the error but now I am just stuck on retrieving hero list

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