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I was trying to find a public game to join and the game froze. The music was in a loop mouse and keyboard was not responding. The only thing to do was to try and exit the game and I received a blue screen before going black.......I had to do a hard reset to regain functions. This happened just a few minutes ago.
I want to mention that my desktop app did something strange too just before logging in. I was typing in my password and before I could finish the app said that it had to restart. I know that should not have happened because I just turned it on and it checked for updates.
Looks like a known issues. Tons of people having this. Blizzard thinks it may be drivers, but many people have not updated theirs, or rolled back. I haven't read any fix for this at this time. I believe, as do others, this is on Blizzards side. But I do not believe they have taken that much notice to the problem as of yet.
I've been getting disconnected from my clan and communities as well. Are others having that happen too?
Game crash again.
I had just got the scoundrel to the way point and I lost sound. When the quest checked off the game froze and nothing would work. It would not let me out of the game , I then got a blue screen that said memory dump failed and then went black. I then had to do a hard reset to get things back up.
I'm running a scan and repair through the desk app now. I'll post again if there's something that shows up there.


The scan and repair didn't give me any feed back.

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