Crazy ideas that must be done

Blizzard needs to introduce PVP for the longevity of the game and for the hardcore players who are not satisfied with just a thousand or so hours of entertainment.

Some ideas :

1 : Hardcore PVP Arena
The idea is you would be able to spectate and bid on matches between Hardcore level 70's in fights to the death. Since it is hardcore, their character would be gone, only one person survives the fight! Think of the tension that would build. Think of the people who would build Hardcore toon after Hardcore toon trying to climb the pvp ladder to fame and fortune. There could be a list of people who have won the most duels without dying or something that makes it interesting.

2 : Hardcore yet Softcore PVP Arena
This would be the hardcore PVP arena but your character does not die upon dying in pvp. This would be different from the Softcore arena in that gear is harder to find in hardcore than in softcore.

3 : Softcore pvp ladder
Like Starcraft 2 with leagues and ranks and what not with how many wins you get, everyone would have skill levels and once again. You would be able to spectate

To keep it all genuine, make it so you cannot see who is spectating your game and make it so you cannot talk to anyone while you are in a pvp situation.

4 : Silly mode
10 players in a very large arena, not like the current brawling places... something like the battlefields in Act 3. If you want to make it really chaotic then have it be like, 25 players.

If you have a ladder of the top 200 players that is publicly visible to anyone, updated banner items for pvp and cosmetic items for pvp players then people will jump into pvp more.

NOTE : It would be impossible to balance pve and pvp with the same skillset, Blizzard can either give a middle finger to balance or have skills be different in pvp for balances sake
Rifts are the only way to play this game. Brawling was just a gimmick so they could say they have epic 'player vs player' combat.

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