Experiencing weird lag issue in game

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everytime i enter an outside zone (not in town), i experience some minor delay (character stop moving, have to click twice to cast a spell etc.."it's minor, but VERY frequent and annoying"). It just started this morning and i am still experiencing it now
I am pretty sure it's not my computer's problem or internet connection issues, cause i play other online games just fine
I am having the exact same problem, it feels like I rubberband with vault on my demon hunter...CONSTANTLY, when I cast multishot / evasive fire as well it lags for a second and then the shot goes off, even as I am standing still I cast multishot and it has a good second delay. This has been going on all day, and I've had a lot of lag issues in the past few days from internet, so not sure how long it has been going on.... thing is, I never have had rubberbanding issues on my demon hunter beforehand, and I got on my lovers comp right beside mine to test his demon hunter out, smooth as ever no lag nor rubberband issues, I even set all the spells to the same as my layout, no issues at ALL. We are on the same connection, right beside each other, this makes absolutely no sense at all. I cleaned my computer and found an issue that was recently causing a lot of internet lag, now that the internet lag is clear, I'm no longer having any issues on my wizard, it's crystal clear but as soon as I hop on my DH, run out into a field, it starts up all over again. Wonder what's causing the issue :(
hi guys i got the same problem it happen when i use any letter on my keyboard like to cast spell chat or auto atack my character stop to move and qhen i stop to use keyboar it move normal and i know its not my comp because i got this problem since the expansion and all the skill i use whit my mouse is good so
other people have this problem?
I get a similar issue. I get 1-3 seconds lag delays about every 10 seconds when I play on my higher end gaming rig. This started with the update on Tuesday, April 8th and was not corrected with the patch on Thursday. I know it is not a network error, cause I can play the game without any lag on my crappy laptop, using the same network. Since it started with the patch on Tuesday, it is obviously a game issue.

My crappy laptop has only 4 GB of system memory and has a dedicated 9600GT mobile video processor. The CPU has only 2 cores and is about 5 years old.

My desktop is an i7-2600k quad core processor with 16 GB of system memory and an Nvidia GTX 580 video card. The system is about 2 years old.

Both machines run the game from identical 256 GB SSD using Windows 8.1 64 bit.

My brother has no issues running on his machine off a hard drive, 8 GB of RAM and an ATI video card.

I am thinking the issue could be due to having too much RAM. How much RAM do you guys have on the machines that lag?

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