Framerate drops to 20-25

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I open a rift, play for 5 to 10 minutes, the game freeze for 1-2 secs and the frame rate drops to 20--25 for no apparent reasons. It won't fix until I reboot my pc. Once I reboot the frame rate is back to normal (60+). Opens another rift and same thing happens. This never happened before. Is it just me?
im having this problem as well. i think it was from the last update a few days ago
Few days ago was fine for me, it started just tonight. Never happened before.
The problem is not only on rifts,in the rift I play only with 10-30 fps..when it's clear it's 60 fps.
When you click C/I for inventory it's freeze for 1-2 sec every time,when your friend earn achievement it's freeze 3-5 sec and the game is total stopped.
The settings of very low/very high is not affected in game,it's the same problems with any settings.
I played the new games on high-end details,but can't play Diablo 3 on very low..that's very stupid.
anyone else is having this issue?
I have the same issue. Didn't have a problem until patch/update...
The last hotfix sure broke something.
I'm bumping cause it's still happening.
My system and graphic drivers are up to date and nothing is overheating.
I am having the same issue
Blizzard do something morons i have spent 100 dollars for your stupid game which is laggy what is the use of a game if it does not help to relax but does the opposite
Can we get some help here?

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