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Demon Hunter
Hey guys. I just now finally landed my first Calamity and need some advice on how to proceed with the reroll. Would you reroll the hatred regen into %dmg, reroll the black damage for something higher, or something else altogether?

Pic of current MH and Calamity:
based on my rough math you'd probably get similar weapon dmg by either rerolling for +dmg or %dmg. So I would just recommend you to reroll for higher black dmg.
I'm sorry I'm not able to see the pic as I'm on an iPad. If it has a socket already roll for black damage. If not roll hatred regen to socket if possible.
Ok, yes ShingO, it has a socket already. I just didn't know if rolling for higher %dmg would be better than rerolling it's really low black damage roll or not.
yeah run the math - my gut says run hatred into 10%dmg but if you get the same result rolling damage, no point doing that either.
Reroll the damage. You can hit 2500+ rerolling the damage and high 2400 with +10%
I did the math

Assuming you can get 10% ED, your new calamity dmg will be 2476.52

Assuming you can hit the same min-max roll as your Nat's Slayer, your new calamity dmg will be 2535.2 and you get to keep your Hatred regen.

Roll the damage man.
congratz man...

for 200 over lvl since RoS..i have not gotten a single calamity/cindercoat.... =(

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