Helltrapper: Anyone Got It?

Demon Hunter
I've been grinding act 5 bounties for so long trying to get this, when I should be running rifts. Got a Balefire waiting in stash to switch to DW setup but this thing will not drop! I've talked to other DHs with the same experience. Is this item just really really really rare?
I have a Helltrapper, and yeah, it seems to be pretty rare (especially so if you're trying for a good one!). I love using it though, both in Cluster Arrow and pet builds since while it's traps use your equipped runes and modifiers, they don't count against your maximum. With Cluster Arrow, take Spitfire Sentries so that both it and Spike Traps benefit from your %fire. With the pet build, while your Spike Traps will be weaker, the Sentries will be BEAST.

I wish you luck in finding one, it's a great weapon to have!
Thanks! I guess I'll keep trying. Tho I am getting really tired of Act5 bounties
I got one in my stash, low-ish DPS roll though. I'm doing an Act 1 bounty every time I start playing to get the ring but no luck so far. In this case, RNG is truly RNG ;)
I've salvaged like 5-6 of em...
I actually found three, all while playing my monk. They are nice, but nothing exceptional if you ask me.

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