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Why do you
As for me, I like to play chilled, focusing on the game. I enjoy the sound effects, the music and the in-game voices. Don't want to have that interrupted by someone talking about the weather or something trivial. (-.-)
Also, I'm not from the States and English isn't my mother tongue. It can be very hard for me to understand Americans at times over the net. Don't get me wrong, English is a beautiful and easy language, but man, Americans have the nasty habit of speaking very unclear and fast, and crappy connections/mics don't help, neither. There was an instance where some of my regional friends were with me in chat, and one of my American friends joined. He's a nice guy and so, but he also loves to talk. A lot. And fast. When he moved on, some of my country friends complained about having headaches from his monologues. It's an extreme example, but should make it clear. It can be difficult for Non-Americans.
Also, those headsets are uncomfortable.
And... Dude... What do you want me to talk about? It's not like you had to pull out some form of incredible teamwork in this game, which I welcome.

Well, that's my point for having my mic unplugged by default. I should add, I'm very mouth-lazy to begin with and only rarely chat with my friends. I usually leave it with written messages and just enjoy the silence and the game music.
cuz we dont want to talk to you....and dont have one
Only reason I use my mic at all is to let people know that I can remove them from my game without quitting the game if they fail to stick with me. I'm not getting jipped out of loot because some SOLO artist wants to run off and try to play HERO. I'm the host therefore I'll decide your fate in my game. Yes I've discovered a way to keep from quitting the game and ending at the main menu.
I can see a lot of good reasons on both sides of this issue, but I tend to use my microphone. I like to chat about builds and items while I'm playing, or quickly let my group know when I need to put the controller down. Over all, though, I just like to socialize while I'm playing. However, I've had my fair share of reasons to turn the mic off, too, so definitely see where the non-mic users are coming from.
Hey, Grim... "Chat about builds and items"? Well, that's what the forums are for!

Well, that's one of the few reasons I would actually use a mic, to explain them certain Wizard builds if they ask. But until now, I was able to help many players with messages, so that's fine for me!
I have a family (wife, two kids) and having my mic turned on means you'll be hearing everything going on in my house (most notably the kids running in and out of the room making all kinds of noise. I don't ignore my kids when I play, either, so most of my conversation is with them, rather than the gamers I'm online with. So keeping my mic on would be really annoying to you. Not only that, but I'm not keen on sharing the goings-on of my home with random strangers.

I don't play online very much, though. Being a parent, I prefer single player games that I can pause at any moment. Every once in awhile I feel like working on some of the multiplayer challenges, though, so I'll pop online for a bit.
I tend to value my time, and don't want it wasted by fools chattering in my ear. Which isn't to say everyone playing D3 online is a fool, but I'm willing to bet there are 10 AceBros or SoulStrikars for every 1 worthwhile human being.
04/20/2014 09:33 PMPosted by Axelhander
I tend to value my time, and don't want it wasted by fools chattering in my ear. Which isn't to say everyone playing D3 online is a fool, but I'm willing to bet there are 10 AceBros or SoulStrikars for every 1 worthwhile human being.

Aww, Langis. How cute. Still butthurt about getting wrecked in that thread a long time ago I see. It's adorable too that you try hiding behind your WoW account. Quite hilarious you still linger about slinging poo like the mentally challenged baboon you are. When will you grow up and get over it? Everyone laughed at you for it, big deal. It's time to chill. Just let it go man. It is never good to hold on to such anger and resentment toward those far more intelligent than you.

I get where you're trying to come from, there are quite a bit of fools out there. However, there's this thing called friends where people gather and enjoy gaming together and chat using mics. It's a wonderful experience, you should try it sometime instead of randomly spouting trash about people you know absolutely nothing about in random threads because your feelings were hurt. Get over yourself and let the adults talk. Thanks!

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