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Demon Hunter
I'm looking for help with regards to item upgrades. (Please see my profile)

Currently I have a manticore with dexterity socket damage and 35% CHD. Assuming this will be my weapon for a while, what should I re-roll at the mystic to maximize my damage potential? The +DMG or the dex?

I'm also looking for advice on which armor pieces I should prioritize for upgrades at kadala. I think my amulet and rings are pretty good, right? What should I try to gamble for specifically? I was thinking gloves / magefists maybe? Is there another piece that I should prioritize? Thanks!
I should also mention that I have a pretty good andariels visage that I use when not trying to paragon level, so helm upgrade priority is low.
i would say to re-roll the damage on your manticore, it has the potential to get about 78 more min damage and 125 more max damage which is pretty huge.
You shouldn't focus on the jewelry right now, you'll eventually get good drops for those and they simply cost too much off kadala.
If you want to continu with cold damage, i'd suggest trying to get Frostburns (gloves) off kadala first. Otherwise, if you want to switch to fire damage, make a lvl 70 monk and try to get cindercoat from kadala.
Cool thx, why monk for cindercoat though? Kadala won't give it to a DH?
You end up gambling a lot of cloaks as a DH.
The DH has a larger pool of chests to choose from since it includes cloaks. I did it on my DH, but managed to get 2-3 leg cloaks before finally getting a cindercoat. On the other hand you risk rolling monk skill dmg increases if you try for it on your monk.

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