Help me fix my dh so wont feel squishy

Demon Hunter
Hi all,

This is my profile.

Basically I am using cluster arrow as my damaging spell, the rest of the build you can see yourself. I've seen on youtube people playing the dh, advising going all offensive and saying this is the right way to playing it.

However, I feel very squishy. I provoke pretty good damage but taking a lot.

I've tried using Healing vapors, but I just can't get the sense out of it since Discipline is limited, and if some elites chaise me then I will deplete it all before I kill them so I will be unable to heal/vault. Ok, so be kind and try to answer some of my questions:

  • What is the recommended play style with the DH: attack with all you have when you see ellites or hit an run? If it's the first case is it recommended to tank a bit so you cannot die while you stand still and attack? I'm asking this because I have the feeling that I am running way to much and don't have time to hit and also deplete my resources quickly and pointless
  • What is the recommended toughness/life in t1-t6?
  • I feel like healing vapors is not enough healing. What to you recommend of using instead of it to be more effective but also stay as offensive as possible?
  • I saw people put green gems in socketed armor/pants. Should I put diamonds/amethysts in order to achieve a specific toughness/life so I don't feel too weak?. If so, please recommend what gems and how many to put into what.
  • I am using a dual yield build. Shall a two handed one be better? ( I don't think because of the 2 sockets from my weapons, but won't hurt to ask. I have the two handed windforce btw )
  • I found some items that had fire damage but no crit. Shall I use those instead of those with crit, until I find items with both crit & fire damage or keep using those with crit?
  • Can you tell me if I have something wrong with my build?

Thank you and sorry if I asked something stupid. I am a casual player and pretty noob one, but don't want to abandon my dh because I'm not a quitter and I like to work to achieve my purposes :)
be it known that DH, wiz, WD are all squishy by nature, as a DH you should not be sitting in a position where you have to take hits constantly, kite kite kite. I cant say it enough, you have to learn to kite, if you focus on making your DH tanky, you lose significant DPS that other classes make up for in skills. your a DH no a tank, focus on becoming more dps heavy and it will make up for not having such a good tank.
Hi, thanks, ok kite, but my discipline depletes too quickly and it's not regenerating fast enough ( even with Nightstalker.So I can't seem to kine forever, and the mobs have a lot of life and hit hard) :(
Hi, a few tips I'd suggest. First, switch out a couple of skills. Change out the combination of ES JiS and CTW passive in favor of HA with either Serrated arrow or Devouring combined with nightstalker. You'll see a dps increase and still generate the same amount of hatred when necessary. Second, exchange marked for death for something like a cd skill w/ no cost like RoV. This can help keep your disc high by removing one of your four skills that cost disc but still keep some good damage going.

Also, I see you're using strongarm bracers? What skills do you have that cause knockback? If you're unable to come up with anything, and even if you can, I'd recommend crafting a set of reaper's wraps instead. It can help refuel your hatred even more when stacked with blood vengeance and they are not hard to craft now that the mats drop so easily.

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