dh: danettas + pvp...

i just played a few duels with my friend, for the first time ever.
we're both glass cannons, but what im gonna say will still be true, even if both players choose tanky gear.
constant vault with action shot rune is just way op. i was able to simply 1 hit him using only vault, while being immune to all damage. with the range being like 1 screen, it's nearly impossible to survive the onslaught. constant stun (1.5 sec stuns ~3 times per second) would kill even 50m hp barbarians.
pvp is actually just as i thought when i got my danettas weeks ago, completely useless :(
with a pvp system like this, why can't we all simply get let's say 3 sets of standardized gear to choose from?
Danetta's DH can be countered by different DH builds (w/o using Blackfeather nor Danetta's), but Danetta's + Blackfeather DH is over the top; you need some silly luck catching them and hoping you can survive the counter rockets. Real skill DHs don't use Blackfeather, Danetta's, nor legacy legacy Natalya's to win!
Things like this really dissuade me from pvp. I've found the only way to have fun with my friends is with equal points of paragon in vitality and all resist with only blue items equipped.

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