PvP Beginners Challenge {OPEN}

btw undefeated is for this challenge. respect to all those who took me down over the past years.

Now play me !@#$%es!
damn.. ok he wins LOL. well played chuck
So with the exception of a few dodgers ive had a chance to add/challenge and play a match with almost everyone one who commented on my thread here, ... and after all was said and done the best anyone managed to do was 2 kills against me in best of 10 match. Win or lose, much respect to all those who played me. some of the matches where a lot of fun.

In total I am 37 - 0 for this challenge to date. for clarity that means I defeated 37 different players in a 1v1 and lost 0 matches. FYI I had a grand total of four deaths across all matches combined. Congratz to Iria, Frog, and Bezurk!

If its ok with you guys im gonna go ahead and say that yes I am still UNDEFEATED

Hopefully someone has some some insightful anecdotes about the size of my epeen or a another story about how someone you used to know killed me once a year ago...

ok go!
oh and of course still looking for more challengers. Let me know if you guys know any one good. Also rematches welcome any time!
I geared incorrectly for you when we played, and we didn't do a full set of matches either. I think the Quetzalcoatl helm might a little too strong for PVP for several reasons:

1) You can spec as tanky as you need and still do a ton of damage with 666% damage per second.
2) Haunt is not considered ranged nor melee (I think it got changed from ranged damage).
3) While Haunt is removable with Smokescreen if used after Haunt, players hit with Haunt during Smokescreen will suffer an irremovable Haunt. This applies to players using the Ice Climbers for added cold resistance (Haunt cannot be removed in that case at all).

I had no pieces of cold resistance and you bypassed about 60% of my toughness with Haunt (dodge and ranged reduction were invalid). You had several pieces with fire resistance which I will match with cold resistance in the future. Also, I need to find a new amulet since the Eye of Etlich is worthless now.

You won more of the rounds when we played but again I was surprised by the changes in the mechanics. When we played at level 60 (pre RoS), Haunt damage wasn't scaled so high and there was no Quetzalcoatl (so 1465% over 6 sec instead of 4000%).

As a side note, if I had the Talisman of Aranoch and you had the Star of Azkaranth the matches would have gone differently since your only major sources for long range damage are cold now (the other options require me to be very close). I could use my physical build and still perform almost as well as with fire.

Once I craft a new Aughild's shoulders and bracers and Asheara's golves with cold resistance as well as a Halcyon's Ascent with dex, critical damage, and cold resist, we can try again. But this may take me a while due to the randomness of drops and lack of trading as you are aware.
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