Skill elemental type revisions in the works

Demon Hunter
I want a damn passive that allows us to weave the elements together without relying on a single +elemental damage

- Frost arrow
- Scatter Trap
- Wolves
- Dazzling cluster arrow
- Poison Chakram

- Every time you attack with one element, the next attack of a different element increases your damage by 15%. Stacks up to five times. Each stack resets when you cast the same element again.

Elements include
- Physical
- Fire
- Frost
- Lightning
- Poison
Ah so like Elemental Exposure for the Wizards. They've gone with that 'theme' for their Tal's set as well where elemental damage calls down a meteor of the same type - so if you run more different elements you get more meteors, and so on, they seem to be encouraging that kind of gearing for Wizards this time.

Well I think it's cool, I'm just personally not a fan as I like the simplicity of just stacking 1 thing and going wild with it.
Wizards also have an easier time flinging out different elements passively with stuff like familiar and the offensive runed armors. We're not exactly swimming in "fire and forget it" skills to pull that off, which I'd argue can be part of our lacking synergy issue.
Just buff all the other elements/skills, problem solved.
I would like to see them not change a single thing. If we wanna play fire than it should be as = to all others. Don't change what we are all ready geared for, you add more specs/gear to the all ready working specs. We don't wanna be forced from one spec to another. I want to gear up for a spec then move onto another with the option of going back to the previous build/gear and it work just like it did when i built it. We don't have the stash space to keep everything we find that might be good just in case you guys decided to make changes. I don't wanna see my stash have 3 sets of bracers just for the ele damage on them.. that's silly.

Nurfing a spec to make others more usable isn't a fix that is going to go well with us. You do that, a lot of people are going to be mad and quit playing again. I don't get why you guys cant see this stuff.

You have all these abilities with 1-2 runes that get used. TAKE those and rework them to fit into a new ele spec change. Lord knows we have a lot of useless stuff in are arsenal fix those.

TLDR; What he said above me.
I disagree that Fire is the only viable build. You can use lightning to good effect and from a damage per hatred spent it's more cost effective that fire in many cases depending on the gear you have.
Plz pretty plz add more cold skill !!!!!!!! also poison with dot could be nice
I expect to see more DH skills become cold and poison since those are the elements that are most lacking in runes.

But since I run lightning I'd really like to see a Sentry rune become lightning, either guardian or chain of torment. Impaling bolt would work too, but it'd be too much to ask to make the best rune lightning.

Strafe needs a lightning rune, stinging steel would be good.

Otherwise I think lightning is in a good place, although I'd also like to see them fix the lightning rune on Evasive Fire and get rid of the disc cost and make it something useful.

As for fire, I think it's in a good place honestly, it just is more powerful damage wise but not strong in utility. Cindercoat is a little OP but I don't think they should nerf fire because of Cindercoat, better to nerf Cindercoat slightly.

Honestly, my biggest issue with fire is the 6 hatred generators to the base 3 for every other element. It isn't fair that fire gets Cindercoat, Magefist, AND gets 6 hatred per shot with generators. If you are going to do that at LEAST make the other generators generate 4 or be significantly better in other ways.
Basically pre-announcing a LFB nerf. Kind of expected though.

Either way, I'm glad they're at least looking into skill balance. Just hopefully they aren't going to making changes every patch, lol.
I'm actually not very sure it's going to be a nerf targeted at Fire, sounds more like a general polish pass for skill elemental types to ensure there is decent coverage across all the runes.

It's not like Fire 'accidentally' became the most OP element, it was their design intent from the moment they made elements important in RoS to make Fire the pedal to the metal DPS element. You don't make an item like Cindercoat by accident and all the 6 hatred regen runes we have are Fire, there is a clear theme they are following.

If you recall in the Wizard playtest stream shortly before RoS launch, Jaetch I think was asking why Disintegrate didn't have a Fire rune, and the dev was like 'not a huge priority but if people want it, it's something that would be nice to have in a later patch'. It looks like they have finally found the time for that.

Of course though, like any good minmaxer you always want to keep gear for the 2nd and 3rd potential best specs in the stash just in case :p

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