Legendary Shields bugged

Bug Report
All Legendary Shields, both found and crafted, have block value lower (sometimes by A LOT) than normal/magic/rare level 70 shields.

Can we get any kind of info if its going to be ever fixed?

Pre-RoS Legendary lvl 60 shields used to have block value greater than the non-legendary ones.
Sovereign Ascended Shield, Rare Lv70 Version, craftable by Blacksmith
Block Value: 15,870-23,805

Myrmidon Vessel, Rare LV70 Version, Obtained via Rift Today
Block Value: 15,864-23,796

Stormshield, Levendary Lv70 Version, Obtained via Unknown ~3 weeks ago
Block Value: 14,160-19,120

The Final Witness, Legendary Lv70 Version, Obtained via Kadala Today
Block Value: 15,400-19,900

Hellskull, Legendary Lv70 Version, Obtained via Kadala Today
Block Value: 14,848-19,784

Denial, Legendary Lv70 Version, Obtained via Kadala Today
Block Value: 14,472-18,764

Denial, Legendary Lv70 Version, Obtained via Rift Today
Block Value: 13,376-16,120!

And here I thought Kadala was ripping me off...
Good luck friends, myself and others have posted about this numerous times with no acknowledgement. Apparently the fact that the block values aren't 3k anymore means it's fixed in blizzards eyes. Really annoying.
I have noticed this for a while. I am deeply hoping for some sort of Blue response or acknowledgement (All we see is, "Shields are fixed" which is false). I really do not enjoy playing characters with sub par equipment especially when it seems to be bugged and it is very VERY frustrating.

After waiting a month for shields to be fixed I decided to buy some with bloodshards and hope for the best. This is what I got:

Hallowed Bulwark [Legendary]
Block % 12
Block Value 13,531-17,273 (lower than rares)
Link: http://imgur.com/NpTktQW

Jekangbord [Legendary]
Block % 10 (What the hell is this crap?)
Block Value 14,121-19,663 (lower than rares)
Link: http://imgur.com/7AJwAp6

Eberli Charo [Legendary]
Block % 15 (before affix)
Block Value 13,561-17,371 (lower than rares)
Link: http://imgur.com/LITK8pS

The Final Witness [Legendary]
Block % 13 (before affix)
Block Value 13,695-17,547 (lower than rares)
Link: http://imgur.com/WQjEi0i

Vice Shield [Rare]
Block % 12 (before affix)
Block Value 15,864-23,796
Link: http://imgur.com/AkG5Hjc

There are some clear problems here when you consider precedent with any other legendary item. For all legendary items, but shields (and I think mojos/sources), the way value on an item rolls is an x-y range for Rares and (y+1)-z range for legendary items. This is STILL not true for shields and in fact is rolling lower than rare values.

As it can be seen in every example provided the block value for legendary shields is significantly lower than rare shields block value. Additionally, something much less mentioned is the way block % is handled. It seems that a legendary shield will not always have a superior base block value than a rare shield.

To empahsise the block % issue I want to draw your attention to the level 70 rare shield, level 70 Jekangbord and my level 60 Jekangbord [17% base block value] (http://imgur.com/WG4aJFZ).

Rare shields and lower quality are rolling 10-20% block. Not only is this range huge but it also traps legendary shields into an overlapping number. Legendary shields seem like they are rolling a similar base block % of 10-20%. While, I am not entirely certain on the numbers there is clearly a problem when such an important stat has such a large range AND will in many cases be worse than level 70 rares.

My point is, that while there is a clear problem of block values not being correct, block % value should be reworked for rares and legendary shields. To throw some numbers out there. For base block% I think this seems reasonable. Rares and lower quality 10-15% base block while legendary shields can roll 16-20% base block. This would be a slight nerf for rare shields but would guarantee that legendary shields fit the ideology of rarity=power. By keeping the same max value of block % I feel game balance would not be incredibly disrupted meaning that players would not be attaining a new level of power that was unattainable.

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