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Hi guys,

Need some help from players experienced with using controllers on the PC version of D3. I really need to start using a controller due to problems with my wrist + after sitting by a pc all day in work, I just want to come home + relax by the TV.

I have a Ps4 & xbox 360 controller (wired) and was looking for someone to point me in the right direction of an app & help me set it up.

I have been looking at a few such as Ds3 tool and d3gamepad, but not much luck finding the right profile or setting it up. I want one where I can use one stick for movement + another for aiming (like console I guess?)

I play all classes (a new one each time my HC char dies), but i am currently playing crusader.

Reply to this thread or add WastingLight#2654 on Bnet. I will reward someone for helping :)
i do not believe using a controller is allowed...

if you use some 3rd party software to make the controller work with D3
they can ban you for use of the 3rd party software...

i would...if i were you....buy the ps4/xbox version if you REALLY must use a controller..
I do believe that a controller is against the ToS.

Even if it weren't, I think that adding Xbox controls would conflict terribly with the mouse control scheme as moving and attacking are both done via by clicking and are not separate things. I don't believe it would be possile to map movement to the control stick and "action" to the A button. This is also of course ignoring navigating menus which I assume would be horrible.

If the mouse bothers you that much, I'd say you should look at the mouse. I used to have this little tiny one that would make my hand cramp up all the time. The problem is that your hand is being forced to fit the mouse - not the other way around. A good quality mouse can make a huge difference in your gaming. I would strongly recommend this mouse:


It's a bit pricey, I know. But its worth it. After using many mice, I honestly don't want to use anything other then this. It may be a while before you shape it to be inline with your hand but the best thing is that your entire spell bar (aside from left and right click) can be assigned to the 5d button.
Don't listen to the trolls claiming using a control is against the rules.

You can do it by input emulation or something specific like http://xpadder.com/
04/15/2014 02:00 PMPosted by Fearpoint
Don't listen to the trolls claiming using a control is against the rules.

You can do it by input emulation or something specific like http://xpadder.com/

Yeah its allowed :).
With xpadder I don't think you can use the joystick to move?

I don't want to use a mouse, i want to use a controller so that I can chill out by my TV.

Helpful replies would be great :D
This is pretty easy, when I play, I only do so with my PS3 controller.

I'll break it out into arbitrary steps for you based on my PS3 controller setup, and you have to figure it out from there:

1) Connect your controller to your computer, this typically requires the right software that can install the drivers needed for your controller, like MotioninJoy.

2) You need to map keyboard keys and mouse movement/clicks to your controller, MotioninJoy has an option labled "custom", this is the one you want to use, when selecting the controller button, you have to select "keyboard" or "mouse" from the dropdown menu and selecting which button/click/movement you want to be mapped to which controller button.

3) You're almost done, most people stop there since the keys are mapped and the game is playable, for example I map RMB to R1 and mouse movement to the right analog stick, so that way I can move my character around with relative ease, but I also use a hotkey macro that lets me move in WASD movement from the left analog stick. You need to do some searching around for software that lets you auto-hotkey ;). There are some scripts floating around the interwebs that map keyboard buttons to mouse positioning and clicking (simulating if you move the mouse above your character and click to move them north, etc.)

I would put the exact links and things for you but who knows. Blizz doesn't want you to have fun, only to prescribe to their vision of a "PC mouse click game", but here is a link that shows this is possible:

I would worry about getting banned for doing this, except the PS4 version is right around the corner, so Blizz really doesn't have a good reason to disallow WASD movement on PC vs PS3/360/PS4 titles.
Thanks very much, but the MotionJoy site has gone?
Also does this allow movement using joysticks?
Any other controller users? :)
They should really patch it into the game anyway, I loved the PS3 version and am Buying it for PS4 day one. But I still Play it on the PC too as I've been playing since its release :)
04/18/2014 11:04 AMPosted by Sargentoarms
They should really patch it into the game anyway, I loved the PS3 version and am Buying it for PS4 day one. But I still Play it on the PC too as I've been playing since its release :)

Agreed! I would buy the ps4 version, but all my friends play PC =/
It can be done. I started off on the console version and switched to PC when Reaper of Souls came out. I used Xpadder as well and it does work, but the results might not be what you expect. All xpadder does is let you assign the various mouse and keyboard commands to a 360 controller. It DOES NOT change the way the game is played.
You wont have direct control over your character like on the console version. You will still be moving a mouse cursor and the game will work the same way as it does with a mouse and a keyboard no matter whether your using a controller, a Guitar Hero guitar or a DDR mat.

That being said the best set up I found for me was to assign the commands like this:

Mouse cursor mapped to left thumbstick
Mouse cursor mapped to right thumbstick(Il explain this later on)
left click mapped to left trigger
right click mapped to right trigger
1 mapped to A
2 mapped to X
3 mapped to Y
4 mapped to B

Now heres the tricky part. Because on the PC left click is your walk and it also doubles as an attack you have to have the standstill button. I assign that to the left thumbstick pushed in. So basically you can move the left thumbstick to move your cursor and hold left trigger to move. When you want to standstill to attack just press in the left thumbstick.
But if your holding down the left thumbstick to standstill how do you then move the cursor? your probably asking. This is why you also assign the mouse cursor to right thumbstick as well. That way whenever you standstill you still can use the other thumbstick to move your cursor.

Well why not just assign the the standstill button to holding down the right thumbstick instead so the cursor is always the same? Anwser, because you only have one right thumb and if your holding down the right thumb stick to stand still all the time your thumb isn't available to press the other attack buttons(1,2,3,4)

From there you can assign potions and town portals and inventory keys wherever you want. You can use each direction of the Dpad for a command. Something like this:

(Just an example)
Dpad right = town portal
Dpad left = health potion
Dpad down = inventory
Left bumper = paragon menu
Right bumper = skills menu

etc etc. Adjust to taste.

Il be honest though. It doesn't compare to a keyboard and mouse. Its clunky and awkward and even though your using a controller its still a keyboard and mouse game so even though I came from using a controller and its what felt most comfortable to me, I ultimately abandoned it for the keyboard and mouse because that's just how the game plays best.
You are trying to force a square peg into a round hole and it will always feel that way.

Nevertheless. It can be done
Here is a link to a youtube video explaining how to set it up and get going. Hope this helps


(No hyperlinking on these forums. Just copy/paste the link in your browser)
^Brilliant, many thanks!
I can see why you have set the thumbsticks like that. I will give this a go when my HDMI cable arrives.

I've heard you can download something called "autohotkey" to use a stick for movement? going to look into it.
I have been using a Xbox controller ever since it came out all you need is xpadder its a little program that maps the key strokes to the controller you can google it to se how it works I just use mouse to move curser around
in case it hasn't been mentioned
I use a lil proggy (app/whatever) called Motionjoy
it works well for using console controllers on PC (even supports bluetooth)

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