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Demon Hunter
04/21/2014 06:46 PMPosted by Itsgud2bking
I'm keen man, I'm in a clan that I was invited too like a week ago when I was doing some rifts, however the clan members don't accept invites so it's kinda pointless.

I don't have the greatest gear but I can contribute well enough!

Send me an invite!

sorry just saw this sending invite now!
Hi. I'd be interested in joining a DH clan too. I don't have the greatest gear either, but not terrible. I'd be interested in helping people farm for whatever items they need. I'm still looking for Witching Hour, Danetta's Revenge, and a couple other things.

I'm looking for a DH clan too

Please add me vcrazy#1967
Hey guys Im keen to run with some DHs. Its heartbreaking disenchanting Nats set pieces. Friend request sent!
Hey guys,

Please don't send request if you are in a clan already. We are still looking for members.

Please be talkative and friendly. D3 is boring sometimes.
Hey guys our ventrilo hosting decides to shut down out of no where...

Looking for member with ventrilo hosting? Would be great!
Hi Guys add me up as well! Have been playing with other classes other than DH so this would be a good change for me to farm with fellow DH players. Rodimusprime#6383
Please be level 200+ and decently geared!
Im interested. Ill add you when servers are back up.
Looking for more ACTIVE members who like to chat while they play d3.

Late nighters are welcome it gets lonely in the AM.

add me in game
I'm interested in a DH clan...i added you a moment ago.
People please read.

BE 200+ decently geared, active, friendly, and talkative.
I don't want to make it seem like we aren't accepting new players
It's just that we helped out many low levels already and would be nice to have some decently geared people to make groups and speed run t1+.
Looking for some T5+ DH's to join up. Add me in game.
Would love an invite too. Jorhik#1332. Doing t2-3 in the public games so far. Hope to hear from ya!
Add me in game Jeffrey#1829
New member we recruited has a mumble server we can use.

Looking for more members to take use of this free mumble server!
32 members and growing!

Raising level req for new recruits to 300+!

Add me in game!

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