Is the white quality while forging mattters?

Just a quick question.

Is using "Balanced" white or "superior" add anything for forging legendary of set items?
Just my experience, I've been trying for a nice pair of reaper's wraps and have tried all different quality whites, that being said all I've gotten has been pure 100% junk, crafting seems to be a complete waste of time/money/resources thus far.

Edit: Since they fixed the drop from Malthael i've made about 10-15 pairs, all with garbage rolls.
Does anyone have more info about this?
I can confirm "balanced" weapon IAS is gone after crafting and leg stats is not any better.
So no, it doesn't matter, it's not like D2 runewords.
Yeah the bonuses from superior items is removed during crafting.

I do wish it stayed though, with even more tiers of whites; white, superior, intricate and exquisite tiers or something.

More armor varying by the tier you get: (gloves, bracers),
IAS (weps, more for the higher tier you have),
Sockets, innate helm socket (exquisite only) 1 innate for pants + whatever you roll up to 3 (only on exquisite), 1 + 3 (rolled) for armor (exquisite only), anything less than exquisite gets + armor.
innate block chance for shields,
innate MS for boots.
I crafted a lot of aughild, hallowed and cains. No the white quality does not affect the crafting output IMHO

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