Help me help a Barbarian.

So, I've been asked to post this on behalf of my bro. I play a Crusader, he plays a Barb.

That's his profile.

We can walk through T1 and we're just getting to grips with T2.

I know that there are a heck of a lot of really experienced Barbarians out there, so I'm wondering can you guys give him some help in that regard? His damage and toughness feel low. I have no idea how this class works because I've only ever played WD and Crusader, so is there any stat changes or elemental changes you'd go for? Any weapon choices or builds based on this kind of gear level?

Thanks a bunch!
He's missing str and sockets on his pants. Rings and neck lack crit hit and damage across them. Hes using a 2h instead of dual wielding, which is fine once you have decent gear, but early on it really hurts. Once he gets decent 1h'ers he should get sockets for emeralds in them. If his toughness is low have him start socketing diamonds to bump his allres up some, he might even swap the chest gems to diamonds as well. Might also want to swap his frenzy rune to maniac, the 12.5% extra damage helps a bit if he can maintain 5stack and the stun rune isnt really useful unless you can swing dual wields really quick.
Thanks for the input so far. At the moment we've been giving any 1hander that drops to him, but alas, they're all fairly poor no name legendaries that don't really do much for barbs. They tend to be useless.

Any idea which ones to look out for?

First off those are some interesting boots :) I would love to get one as a stand and deliver HOTA barb :)

Boots: wish it had AR instead of Armor and missing healing globe bonus.
Weapons: He needs two 1handers with str and socket. Rare ones drop quite occasionally.
Ring1: Puzzle ring is ok but missing out on CC and CD there
Ring2: Reroll socket for CC
Bracer: He is not using physical skills so need fire on bracer plus missing out on CC there. keep trying.
Belt: reroll armor for lpfs
Gloves: ok but getting vit with similar stats would be nice
Chest: vitality instead of revenge
Shoulders: AR instead of armor
Helm: missing out on vit there
ammy: that secondary effect surely makes up for anything it lacks :)

Hope i was of some help
"wow that last guy, i love him"

Seems like it's good so far! I think one of the main issues is that he hasn't tried enough rerolls for decent stats.

I'm betting even getting 2X rare one handers, as long as they had gems, would be far superior to that current 2 Hander.

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