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Demon Hunter
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04/15/2014 08:03 AMPosted by Shamx
I am purposely not putting CC on my gear cuz of SS, SS is really underrated for 1 passive slot you can ditch ALOT of CC for other important stats like res/life/damage which is what I am aiming for and it really does work well, crits proc one way or another on 95% of hits (either on the CA impact or CA grenades or entangling shot).
I will have to respectfully disagree with this, SS only truly gets a chance to ramp up when you're moving for longer periods of time -- which in rifts especially (with that kind of monster density) you rarely get. So it's basically best seen as a 4% static CC bonus which may ramp up to 8-12% between packs.

There's also the factor of the wolf "stealing" your SS crits by resetting it when he attacks.

I would definitely try for at least some CC on gear: rings, ammy and bracer would be a good places to start. If you don't mind the hit to reduced resource I'd also try for crit on gloves.

You seem to have lots of -resource so I think SS is still better than Archery's 1% crit and 1 Hatred/sec... but YMMV! I'd run both since Night Stalker isn't much use with lower CC and could be swapped out for Archery.

Pretty nice DPS and toughness. Though it seems like you're massively stacking vitality, with not so much resist, which must make healing a little difficult. I'm not sure if you're finding the Shadow's Mantle 2 set bonus very helpful, so it might be nice to try to move to the 2 set for Marauder's for the 500 dex. I'd also try to find boots that you can re-roll the movement speed. You can get to max with your paragon, and for 12% movement speed you only sacrifice 24 paragon points (120 dex of 120 vit). It's way better to get boots that can roll 500 dex, 500 vit, 100 all res, and armor (or cluster arrow). Also maybe RoV instead of Vengeance, given the 90s cooldown is a little bit much with no cooldown reduction?
04/15/2014 07:12 AMPosted by Gnillort
^ Why so defensive, lol.

Keep Marauder's 4 piece until you get the pants IMO. You've got more than enough damage already I think.

Also rerolling costs are capped at 2.5 mil, but you must relog after every reroll or it won't reset (according to a popular streamer I know).

The rest of your gear is fine, would work on upgrading the amulet. Nice RRG, wish mine rolled with CC or CD at least.

Some good belts to keep in mind once you lose the BTs would be Harrington/WH/Hellcat for DPS, Insatiable/SoE/that belt that blinds/slows on hit if you want survivability.

He is being defensive because he came here to show off his massive epeen and get his @%%#%*@# sucked, but got ignored twice.
Could use a bit of help. I know I need to get a cindercoat, but I'm confused about this Magefist I just got. It actually dropped with INT and I needed to reroll it into DEX. Should I keep it, or swap it out for my level 70 quadfecta rare that puts me up about 20k sheet dps?
@jrot. That's an unfortunate roll on the magefist. I think you would do more damage with a rare quadfecta rare than the added fire% from magefist.
04/15/2014 08:22 AMPosted by Gracestyle
@jrot. That's an unfortunate roll on the magefist. I think you would do more damage with a rare quadfecta rare than the added fire% from magefist.

Yeah, that's what I figured. I tried slapping it on in some sort of form of denial, hoping that maybe the added toughness would be great. Been trying to get Cindercoat / Magefist for over a week now. I'm depressed lol
Have found some upgrades since this morning, a rating and some ideas of the main (rather, first) things to improve would be brill. Cheers!

I actually find the shadow's mantle set bonus to be vary good at times. It will keep you from being one shot when overwhelmed. Also the wedding band heals very well. Able to maintain my health with that and the Templar. I actually had previously been stacking toughness in the form of all resits and the like and was still getting smashed(1100+ all resist). So I said forget this and spec'd vit and life%. That with healing vapors heals very well. Thnx for the feedback though.

Great reroll on the Nat's slayer. Just curious, how much was the reroll cost at when you got that roll? Your DH looks pretty solid and the survivability is good. I'd just recommend upgrading your offhand and your helm. 8/10.
@Maxii i just actually upgrade my 2690 offhand to that thing. The resource cost reduction on it is to valuable. (Also my other one was attack speed inflated). I agree with the helm tho. Been farming for prides fall days but nothing. And the Nat drop at almost exactly like that. Originally it was 2757. Took me to around 650k or something to get it to 2790.
whats the deal with the cinder coat?
@JTAlweezy i think you need marauder shoulders so that you can replace your helm with a pride's fall or andys. do you like the windforce/bracer combo? i want to try.

sick gear, 9.9/10. Tho I would say your one downside is non-trifecta magefists? I dunno if you've tried dual-1handers though for more damage. Might push you over 10/10 haha
@Vanguardian, could use some new pants for a higher base stat roll and a cindercoat. Also maybe reapers wraps
Nice setup Kslay. it looks like your aiming for defense on your Belt, Pants and Boots. I think you should be able to upgrade here. No specific recommendation but i think its definitely doable
@ Zamindar Nice set up! i want your magefist~ =) been looking for one with no luck. mind if you tell me where u got yours?

Mine wasn't a troll, it was simply to state you must kill stuff very fast to make that viable. Don't read ignorance, it was a statement. your tough is really low, and your dmg is super high, my point is you must kill stuff really fast.
Don't post much, curious to see how my DH stacks up against you peeps. Rip apart please.
@Petty Your gear is solid overall for the build your using. It looks like you are trying to re-roll the armor on your belt. If you get AR that would be ideal or if you can get a new belt with CH or ASI. Are you going for a fire build? If so your well on your well to the FotM CA:Lfb build if you get a Cindercoat.

All in all I give you a 6/10 for a good balance between dps and toughness. I do not see many survival skills and could see higher torment giving you trouble on certain combos.
I would love some advice on my gear and build

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