Demon Hunter
So, I'm sitting here at work playing with skills and abilities, seeing what i could come up with when this gem popped into my head. A Demon Hunter utilizing PBAOE damage and Tankiness.
Evasive Fire+Hardened for Hatred Generation and a boost in Armor
Vengeance+Darkheart for AOE damage output.
Chakram+Shuriken Cloud for AOE damage output.
Companion+Wolf for attention diversion and massive damage increase.
Fan of Knives+Knives Expert for AOE damage output.
Smoke Screen+Choking Gas for Invisibility and AOE damage output.
Awareness(for survivability), Numbing Traps (to augment the knives), Cull the weak (to increase the knives), and Perfectionist (Tankiness and more spamming of Smoke Screen)
Slap this on a hunter with the:
Andriels Visage: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/andariels-visage (Which goes off nearly every time i attack)
Death Watch Mantle: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/death-watch-mantle (Which has a low chance of happening, but...)
The Firewalkers: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/fire-walkers (Because just standing next to an enemy lights them on fire)
and the Black Feather: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackfeather (Which will always happen)
for maximum PBAOE shenanigans.

Long story short, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this idea and whether or not it's viable. Any thoughts?
Hi. You can refer to me. Farming T3
Awesome! Thanks!
EDIT: Must. Get. Sash of Knives! lol.
Hexing pants is more impt. Belt you can use harringtons, witching hour or string of ears.

An easily achievable end game weapon would be mad monarch sceptre. Shield wise it's going to take forever but lidless eye.

Damage isn't going to be your issue, it's survival. I went from quiver to shield, lost 20% paper DPS (less than 5% actual due to FoK left click spam). Trying to the 15 mil toughness with marauder set.
So many options! lol. Thanks, I will now be trying to play with this when I get home. Here's to hoping that I didn't scrap my Death Watch Mantle yesterday on accident. lol.
Do you find that FoK is spammable with the preparation/night stalker combo going on? FoK is 30 hatred and that hurts. lol.
No. Play on the difficulty where u can 1-2 shot mobs. Versus elites, you should have enough with punishment to make them throw up globes.
oh! Okay! TY! :)
04/21/2014 05:32 PMPosted by Darriot
oh! Okay! TY! :)

Disclaimer. All my attempts at DW, 2 hander, tank-shield, FoK/Strafe, FoK/MS, FoK/Bola, FoK/Sentry.. FoK/Whatever... has led me to T3 ceiling with the potential to do T4 with a few obvious gear changes.

Until Blizzard changes the toughness issues of the DH, the FoK-er (tank, spam or otherwise) will be a fun distraction, but never be a core build. It runs out of damage potential on >T4, and toughness becomes an overwhelming issue.

The need for SS means no Punishment spam means damage cap on FoK... The problem with being stuck on T3... I can replace FoK with just about any skill and do just as well.

My current setup is my 'evolution' from the FoK/Strafer to the keep-away type of strafer, with a strong alternative to FoK.

you mean tanking like this??
If you are NOT using Unity abuse, by all means, share your build.

If you are using Unity abuse however, you're kinda late to the party.

Edit: Nvm, saw you're other thread. Unity abuser without a disclaimer. gtfo.
Tried playing with it last night and had an easy time. Before this, I was using a cold build with Elemental Arrow, and the only thing that I'm going to have trouble with is my wrist.
Oddly enough, the Cold Elemental Arrow allows my mouse hand to rest for quite awhile while i blasted area of enemies to death. And now with the strafing going on, it never stops moving. Having carpal tunnel syndrome sucks! lol. Getting old sucks worse! :(
Eh? Which build are you using? Elemental and FoK? That's kinda weird
Nah, just the FoK/Strafe build. But that's the one that literally hurts to do. haha.
The Elemental Arrow was what I was doing before I used your idea.
You're right though, In higher difficulties, it's not damage i should be worried about, it's the dang survivability. Played T3 last night with a group of friends, and now I'm seriously looking into shields right now. lol. Wading through a bunch of elites at that difficulty using strafe is a sure fire way to get my face melted off. Sure, i do the damage, but yeah, it's melty McFace melt city that i was strolling down.

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