how to get higher torment????

i see ppl streaming t6 but i can barelly do t3 without dying with my stats...
plz can someone help me???

if you guys want to see my stats buffed i can post a picture
Get Might of the Earth and Lut Socks, otherwise get amazing gear in every slot.
since d3 have crap drops for me igot 0 earth piece so far... any other suggestions?
also i dont think earthquake build is the only way to do t6...

if it is, their game is broken and they need to remake some parts of it
You also don't have any elemental damage, so your effective DPS is going to be terrible. More DPS = less chance of dying.
Pray for good drops.
elemental damage + damage vs elite + reduction vs elite/ranged/melee
only thing i got for elites is theses crappy blackthorns
atm im at 996-1294 all res
1.1m dps (buffed with battlerage)
9.3m toughness (buffed with warcry invigorate)
about 18k life regen and 30k healing buffed^

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