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Add me pls


Need: Maurauders set, Nats ring/slayer/boots, calamity, witching hour

Willing to trade: Andys, magefist, danettas set, nats helm, cindercoat
Has anyone created a HC version of this yet?
04/25/2014 09:13 AMPosted by TIESTO
So did any of you guys get some upgrades lately? I wanted to join you guys yesterday but got caught up doing other things.
got both danettas as an upgrade for myself and gave nats boots to a member. Was also giving away a 2 hand sword but nobody wanted it lol.
Need: Marauder shoulders, Calamity, Natalyas slayer (Current one has a 6% damage roll)
Magefist (Exception is a perfect trifecta),
Natalya's ring and boots,
all marauders pieces besides the shoulders (Multiples -_-),
Danetta's set
K'mar tenclip, Cloak of garwulf, Bombadier's etc.

I pretty much only need the three I have listed. Anything else like a well rolled fire amulet is up for grabs as well.

Joined, anyone that already has a calamity and needs marauder pieces, feel free to message me

Main priority: Danetta's Spite

Second priorities which I'm also looking for: (But i guess these are also highly sought after by everyone else)
    - Marauder Set
    - Natalya's Set
    - Calamity
    - Kridershot

Anything else, it's available for giveaway / trading!

Edit: However, with BoA in effect, how're you guys going to trade?
Keep them coming... To all the new members welcome. And please don't be shy to ask people to run with ya.
@siaox we trade whatever drops in game that we don't need. More giving away items really.
I'm chasing a calamity please help willing to hand over anything else!!
Add me in game titie. Love the sound of that. Shingo#6442
Hey, add me: endhor#1317
Need Maurauder set and krinder!
Hey can I get an add :>


Hi, add me pls: shadowrunner#1936
KB24Gold#1654 I'm online a lot of the time. Looking for Kridershot or Calamity. Hoping to group up sometime and hunt!
Add me please Dalmasca#1417

Just looking for upgrades preferably Maurauder set, calamity or kridershot would be nice.
To everyone who posted pls add me so that I can invite all of you as soon as I log in. Thanks shingo#6442. Cya all in game! And let the looting begin.
04/25/2014 11:50 AMPosted by hammerpants
Has anyone created a HC version of this yet?

Think you can start it... Jus mention in channel that you are doing HC.
add me please looking for gear for cluster arrow build. Also looking for kridershot and calamity
I'm definitely interested in helping! Also looking for all the same gear as everyone else. Please add me. . . Alonso#1952.
Please add me shingo#6442 so that I may send you invites to the community...
Can i get an add to Honyo#1514

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