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Witch Doctor
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UPDATE 8/29/2014

Hi everyone,

I really dropped the gun here and i'd like to offer my sincere apologies for my sudden and uncalled-for leave. Certain critical situations in life demanded my attention and it was irresponsible for me not to think of announcing my leave or even leaving a short note about it.

I spent a lot of time and hard work assembling the initial group of people who made the clan the runaway success it was initially. We had a tight-knit group of people who loved farming rifts together, and that's what made Kindred Bones so special in my heart... knowing we had something great going.

It's hypocritical of me to say all of this now, being that I didn't leave a note or tell anyone of my hiatus. Things IRL spiraled out of control and gaming was the last thing I had on my mind. There were times in between I wanted to come back but my situation in life just hadn't stabilized yet.

For my friends who saw me playing Hearthstone? I gave my little brother control of my account where he has apparently been playing HS during my time away. If anyone messaged me but didn't get a response, i'm very sorry for this as a result.

Right now, I don't have the ability to consistently dedicate time to gaming. My wife and I have our first child on the way (less than a month) but I look forward to playing D3 in my free time on weekends and/or nights... in spurts. I cannot stand playing on public games with random people and hence will be looking to join a clan which would accept me and the limited amount of time I can put into the game.

More than others, I owe a lot of thanks (and an equal amount of apologies) to OftRepeated... he carried the clan and helped hold the fort down without question for as long as he could, I believe. To the others who helped in my absence, thank you as well and I request you to accept my apology as well. It was irresponsible for me to leave at the drop of a hat and I realize my fault.

I look forward to playing with you guys again sometime in the near future.



Update May 8th: Members - please jump to this post!

Original Post:
I've decided to start a group for like-minded Witch Doctors who are looking to have a good time. More so, the lack of good drops for many of us poses a problem which I hope to curb via item-sharing within the group.

Head on over to the group page and leave an application!

Also feel free to post the following information here in this format:
- BNet ID: KiranB#1453
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/KiranB-1453/hero/35479590
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Tasker & Theo, Jade Harvester Set (any)
- Top Items Owned (and hence willing to share if drops): Mask of Jeram, RoRG, Quetzacoatl, Carnevil, Magefist, Cindercoat

Please bear with me - i'm new to clan building and polishing up the website :)
Hail, KiranB! Bravo, very excited to see docs rise to the occasion. There are definitely enough active WDs on here to fill a 3rd forum clan.

Let's connect in game and go from there. There's a few things that make VUDU and MOJO work so well that we can talk about. Part of that may have been the voting aspect on the name in the first place, though at this point probably fewer than half the recruited docs were around for that. But going through that process does help gauge how much interest there is to begin with, as well as helps you find other leaders to get it going. If you stick with Kindred Bones though (cool name btw), might consider [KIBO] tag so we're all 4-char matchy matchy :)

If we get everything lined up, I'll start cross-linking the clan threads, and when VUDU fills shortly I'll point the rest in this direction.
Kiran does the clan have HC players
Thanks Rook! My decision to make the group was actually because I applied to MOJO/VUDU and an hour later, saw a post mentioning all slots had been filled :)

I like your idea on going [KIBO] instead of [KB] and maintaining the 4-character theme - not a problem. While there is demand re: people wanting to join a good WD group, strangely i've gotten no members/applications so far. I do definitely think there are a lot of people looking to get into MOJO/VUDU clan because of the sharing aspect, and I do feel Kindred Bones as well as the community would benefit more if we were associated together!

I'm halfway around the world (in Asia) and hence, my timings are a bit sparse and spread out. With a wife and a baby on the way, I try to get my playing time in but it's tough at times :) My love for gaming and playing in teams is what's driving me towards this however.

Will add you in-game and we can chat further then. In the meantime, for anyone interested keep filling out the application and join us!

@Gepidae - yours is the first request I have - you're welcome to join but i'm not sure how many others would be HC.
Kiran, feel free to add me - OftRepeated#1136. I'm about 230 hours in on my WD, back strong for RoS after a long absence. I'm in the eastern US, on most weeknights and more on the weekends. I often small party with friends from other classes. Most often run T1 for speed, though probably capable through T3.

The upshot is that I already dropped a Rhen'ho, Starmetal, 2x UKS, and 3x ToTD. So I'm good on weapons and mojos, likely through endgame. Looking for armor sets at this point. I run a perma-BBV build with the mana rune, so great for WD parties.

Update: Joined the Clan site! Nice work on that, btw.
Why doesn't Vudu, Mojo, or you guys do HC!!! Where is the HC WD love =(
Hey gang! Cool, just a few thoughts:

Leading off - Hardcore mode. Gep, you ask an important question. I hadn't made this clear in the past for VUDU though everyone in clan knows it now. The fact that HC and SC can't run together ends up being a pretty serious roadblock. Can't share drops/runs/chubby unicorn nightmares, and I've found that tends to ostracize the minority. Which is always HC. And not intentionally, but the HC players just tend to feel left out. In addition, builds and play/gear requirements are totally different. So that makes it hard to collaborate with SC players that never touch HC, which is most (myself included). Which leaves very little incentive for HC players to stick around. We had a couple that left, I felt bad, but I understood. Honestly it comes up so infrequently it's easy to forget about if you're not into it.

So I apologize on behalf of VUDU, MOJO, and KIBO for the lack of HC love. We do focus on SC thus far to be clear. I would not say that keeps you from joining, but may limit your enjoyment.

^ ^ ^ BUT I see this as an opportunity! A forum-based, WD HC clan as a further sibling to the group! Anyone interested in starting one up, please contact myself or another VUDU leader for details, but feel free to kick one off like Kiran did here.

@Kiran - glad to connect this morning, and glad you like the 4-char theme. I stand by what I said before, that you might get more rapid enrollment by going through the process we did of voting on names and themes and such. Each clan starts to grow a culture that way in the first thread, as people's forum personalities start to play off each other etc. That said, I think some WDs are probably waiting to here when VUDU (and MOJO already) are full, and that all 3 clans are 'officially' associated with each other.

@Oft - grats on the signup! You look like a WD clan officer to me ;)

Lastly, we're pretty easy-come easy-go with loot. You have a pretty focused loot approach re: the wish/have lists. We def all have those in the back of our minds, but maybe remind everyone that they don't need to already have great drops to be welcome or anything like that. I don't really think that's the case, but possibly a factor. I could see being shy about posting my top pieces etc.

See you all tonight perchance.
Hey guys!

do hook me up? azide#1824

A pet doctor, got pretty much all the ceremonial knives and mojos, just looking out for a SMK and Uk Serpent.

Don't have the jade and others, but willing to pass it on first, not that I'll be using or interested to use it anytime soon. (:

Definitely interested in joining a WD Clan.

- BNet ID: CHR0N0S#1709
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/CHR0N0S-1709/hero/26054
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Tasker & Theo, Mask of Jeram, Cindercoat
- Top Items Owned (and hence willing to share if drops): ToTD, Tiklandian Visage, Magefist, Stone of Jordan
Hey guys,
For one - thanks to oftrepeated and dissension for applying. Both your applications have been accepted on the site; congrats!

The in-game clan has also been set up, and Kindred Bones should now be searchable via the in-game clan search.

Chr0nos, Azide and Oft - i've sent you guys a friend request in-game. Feel free to accept and i'll add you guys to the group, and we can get some games going!

Rook - let me know how you'd like to proceed with agreeing/announcing if MOJO/VUDU/KIBO should be associated together, hence increasing the number of overall signups and people playing together. Am offline for now but will be playing again in a few hours.

- BNet ID: Daemonxel#1191
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Daemonxel-1191/hero/2071798
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Tasker & Theo, Jade Harvester Set (any)
- Top Items Owned (and hence willing to share if drops): Mask of Jeram, Magefist, anything else that may drop that I dont want lol
Please fill out an application on the official site before posting your details here :)

Once reviewed and if accepted, I will add you in-game and send you an invite to the group.
- BNet ID: TravySemo24#1255
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TravySemo24-1255/hero/46634756
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Zunimassa's Set, Ring of Royal Grandeur
- Top Items Owned: Mask of Jeram, Uhkapian Serpent, Cindercoat, Nemesis Bracers, Manajuma's Set and lots of other set pieces and plans

I would love to join a Clan of WD's.
- BNet ID: glashutte#6492
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Glashutte-6492/hero/46734101
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Zunimassa's Ring/Boots, Jade Harvest Glove
- Top Items Owned: All of Wd item mostly i have it except above mention item that i wish to have it.
- BNet ID: IrishND#1343
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/IrishND-1343/hero/41512153
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Zuni's, MoJ
- Top Items Owned: Magefist, Zuni's boots, Carnevil
I've added everyone in-game who's submitted an application on the site.
Welcome aboard!
Applied on the clan site and in-game. Sup?
- BNet ID: fizzoman#1384
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/fizzoman-1384/hero/6300437
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Zuni's (ring or boots),
- Top Items Owned: MoJ, Rorg, T&T, the list goes on.....
- BNet ID: Sarkastik#6936
- Character Profile Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Sarkastik-6936/hero/44430688
- Region: US
- Top 3 Items Wanted: Starmetal Kukri, Zunimassa's Set
- Top Items Owned: Mask of Jeram, Tasker and Theo, Uhkapian Serpent, Magefist, Tiklandian Visage

Hit me up. Will gladly join a clan of WD's.
BNet ID: Death#11749
Character profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Death-11749/hero/17391800
Region: US
Top 3 items wanted: none really, I have everything I need although I would like to upgrade the dmg on my jeram and get a trifecta tasker
Top 3 items owned: star metal kukri, Zuni set, ring of grandeur

I'm interested in running rifts with some people that have the Zuni set and can destroy like me :)

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