28k shards no drops switching to DH - help?

Demon Hunter
After nearly 28k shards rolling gloves on WD and not getting a single T&T, it is time I set it aside and start gearing my DH. I was nice enough to be given maurader pants and natalyas slayer.

1. Are there any cookie cutter builds I can use that are not gear dependent that would be a good start to T1?
2. I do have a dex RORG, so what sets should I go for? Aug. and ashera? or cains? Bracers - aug or reapers?
3. What should I reroll on the Natalyas?
4. Also if I go quiver should I craft one? or is a gambled one better?

Thank you!
1. CA builds can do T1 without much resource cost reduction. At the very least pick up a cindercoat (gamble on monk for it)

2. Aughilds is good, asheara isn't necessary unless you're pushing higher torments. Run reapers until you can get more RCR

3. reroll cold dmg to a black dmg as high as you can get it

4. Archfiend Quiver gives elite dmg, other quivers have pretty cool secondaries. It's up to you.
sweet thanks for the answers! So Should I use a build like yours? Or do I need to change something because of RCR?
rerolled the nats like you stated. Also crafted some shoulders and a quiver. What if anything should I reroll on quiver?
Imo, multishot is a better start than CA due to the cost and low difficulty.
Thanks Vocal. I should try that, CA might be alil much for now. Yea I am just trying to build so I can do T1. I feel anything below that is waste since I do not get a chance at class set items.

Side note: Does +grenade dmg work on CA?
Only on the grenades part. Imo ambush is better to use instead due to the high damage on initial hit.

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