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Update (7:22pm PDT): All services and games are online and accepting players. Should you continue to encounter login issues, please create a new thread or contact Customer Support for assistance. Thanks!


Update (6:36pm PDT): We've confirmed that is beginning to allow logins again although there may be a queue as everyone gets back onto the service. We're testing individual games currently, although it looks like at least WoW, D3, and SC2 have recovered and are available.


Hey all,

Currently, we're investigating an issue that is causing players to be unable to connect to our authentication and game servers. As soon as additional information becomes available, we'll be sure to update you! Our Network Admins are on the case and investigating, and we hope to have this resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience!
Thanks for the quick sticky. I was wondering what was going on.
in the middle of a trade for a piece of invoker baha
Its been like this since the maintenance cycle was released.... multiple disconnects all day
have them investigate everyone getting booted mid game too.

and why the friends list is gone on the character profile on your web page
man kill the only legendary that drops for me in 2 hours plus and you D/C the game before I can grab it what a joke
how come league of legends never has this kind of issue?

just saying
I just got dc'd on my hardcore wizard, and I'm sure I'm dead. Rollbacks are going to be needed, as it was definitely the server and there are probably more people in my situation.
fix it! im still on but my fiance got kicked off!
Thanks for the heads up!
well that was quick happened to me like 5min ago.
whoo hoo another reason to drink!
Wooo, I was 95% done with a rift!
This is terrible, you are terrible, blizzard is terrible
04/29/2014 06:02 PMPosted by Azamo
have them investigate everyone getting booted mid game too.

Same thing here.
Thanks for the quick answer, hope it is a minor inconvinience.
I got evicted from the game too (about one hour ago), an then this general problem.
i love almost completing my rift and bounty and then getting kicked.. thx for more wasted time blizzard
Someone tripped on a cable..........
Prompt response, I dig it.

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