Just made a demon hunter: need weapon advice

Demon Hunter
As title stated, just made a demon hunter. I've read some guides but the information didn't pertain that much to weapons. Does anyone think Blizzard will increase the damage on 2handxbows? My goal was to build Manticore with Archfiend Arrow Quiver, combined with archery passive for 50% crit damage. (So I don't lose out on the emerald crit damage from DW) but it seems like Manticore doesn't roll the 50% crit damage as listed on the web guide. (only rolls 30) Also, the damage is fairly the same as 1handed Xbow.

Should I stick with 1hand xbow? For a good starting point is farming the mats and crafting the hallowed set a good idea? Seems the best way to get some legendaries into my hands.

Going for fire (of course) Already have Magefist, Fire ammy, and a strongarm with fire. Looking for Witching Hour, Cindercoat, and Andreia's Visage. Blackthorn 2 set for elite damage, and a Fire SoJ.

So gear wise I think I'm set on a build path, I just have no idea what to do with my wepaons.
Just looked at the Hallowed Set. What the hell. Why isn't there two unique crossbows. the Monks and Barbs seem to be the only class that gets two weapons out of it. Crusaders can make the shield which is useful for the holy%. Kind of strange there isn't a source, quiver, or mojo part of the set.
For the most part, until you find one of a few legendary weapons, you'll most likely want to stick with a either a 1-hand x-bow with a quiver (more survival) or dual wielding 1-hand x-bows (more damage with 2 emerald gems)

Legendary weapons too aim for end game (in my opinion),

1-hand x-bows
Calamity (quiver or DW): auto-casts marked for death (Very Rare)
Natalya's Slayer (quiver or DW): Nat's set bonuses (also always rolls socket)
Danetta's Spite & Revenge (DW only): Vault Set

Honorable mention:
Helltrapper: up to 10% chance on hit to summon caltrops/spiketrap/sentry, comes from act 5 caches

Kridershot: turns Elemental arrow into a hatred generator (Very Rare)

2-hand x-bows
Buriza-Do Kyanon: projectiles pierce 1-2 additional times (try to get a 2 pierce one)
Chanon Bolter: Your spike traps lure enemies to them (Very Rare)

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