This is starting to be a joke!

Mac Technical Support
Another week goes by with no fix, you guys have a perfect chance right now to push it out(you already admitted to having a fix) you don't need to wait for a patch to do it, just do it. most of us need it so why not fix it?
im pretty sure the mac community would love to play this game normally and not worry about getting hard dc'ed/ lost connection/freezing/timing out/rift crashing
WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY, I've bought it a month ago and since then played only once and later on crashes didn't allowed to continue. Maybe it's time to forget about blizzard and look for an another game? Since all they want is our money by saying it's compatible with Mac and then it doesn't work I really don't see why I should buy or recommend their games. They didn't change the add and it still says it's compatible, I'm really concerned about their next games, client support and I'm not buying anything else from them.
I would recommend it to you all as well.

(thinking to myself is my comment going to be deleted...)
I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the long maintenance did nothing to fix the crashes and long loading problems? If so, I'm done with RoS for now.
Absolutely nothing, I've been trying to play since the servers have been back up...ive dc'ed and lost connection about 9 times, its pathetic.

Can we honestly get a ETA on this fix, you had 7 hours to do it many more weeks are gonna go by?
:/ I been gone from diablo for 3 weeks and this still isnt fixed?

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