My DH sucks, Advice please?

Demon Hunter
I been playing this DH a while now (see profile), and I am just sucking with her. Not sure if I am doing something wrong (most likely, still not sure), or skills need tweaking, or my gear just needs a lot more upgrading. But in terms of gear, I was geared decently for Master and below. But T1 for me is a chore due to me being incredibly squishy and always running out of Hatred to attack. I resorted to using Ballistics for damage because Rapid Fire just wasn't performing well since 2.0 patch for me.

If you guys have any advice you can give, that would be helpful. I like this class, but due to my sucky nature with her currently, I am not enjoying it as much. :-/
You're running a CA build but you have zero fire dmg...
your CHC is low, try get it up to 50%. get some + fire damage on glove and bracer.
What is a CA build?

So it's my gear that is holding me back? I figured as much. Drops have been bad for me lately. Haven't seen many legendaries at all for over a week now. :-/
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What is a CA build?

Cluster Arrow
You should use better optimized needed rolls from Rares before you use Legendaries. It's not like "whoa Legendary I want to wears it!"

Get Trifecta Rares 1st

Trifectas are.

Main Stat
then Elemental Damage (Fire for CA) or Attack Speed.

if you have 40-50% crit, the that's the goal and you can start focusing on the other stats.
Alright, thanks for the advice, will start looking for more gear.
You need more crit and fire damage. I would drop RoV and use preparation - punishment and also drop ballistics and instead go for cull the weak or steady aim passive for more damage. Once you get to around or over 50% crit chance, I would start using night stalker passive. It also seems like you have more than enough life (over 500k!!) where you can afford to reroll out of vit or % life into an offensive stat or get some more trifectas. Lastly, upgrading those gems should give you a nice boost. Every additional level of gem starting at imperial gives 60 addtional stat so I'd definitely upgrade to at least flawless imperial.

EDIT: I forgot to mention about craftable sets. If you have the plans, aughild's, captain crimson's, ashearas, and the hallowed 1H crossbow are all very nice. Any craftable legendary weapons and archfined arrow quiver can also roll very nice. Lastly, don't let lower sheet dps fool you: decent 2H crossbows can outperform dual wielding.
Alright, I will try out your suggestions tonight. I found an amulet which bumped my crit up. However I am having a hard time trying to find fire damage items. If the legendary items would drop I could craft something with the salvaged FS, but the game is still being stingy to me.
Progress report:

After finding an amulet with CHC and CHD, I swapped out my Bracers for ones that had fire damage (still keep the lightning ones for farming gold for gem upgrades using multishot). Also trying to reroll for fire damage on my amulet. Will be replacing my gloves with ones that have attack speed instead of VIT. Unless I come across an epic Magefist, then I will snag that in a heart beat. And if/when I ever get some FS, I am gonna forge the Hollowed Crossbow and pray it has good stats til I find Nat' Slayer and/or Archfiend Arrows with good stats. Will be keeping an eye out for another AV helm that has fire damage instead of cold. And possibly find better boots, though they aren't that bad right now.

Do these motives sound good for the current build I am using?

Also, do you guys know of any good builds and gear that use Rapid Fire? Or has this skill fallen off the truck after 2.0?

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