No more white items needed???

Witch Doctor
Is this true, I am at work but I see some posts claiming we no longer need white items to craft legendary gear. That will be awesome as I have 1 full stash of them. I can definitely use the space.
This would be awesome.

The other night I went to get Reaper's Fear to make Wraps....very first thing I broke gave me the Ascended Bracers that I would need later, but I had no room in inventory...

Think I can find Ascended Bracers again??? NOooooo... ARGH.

EDIT: That being said, I've heard nothing about this.
And now I have:
05/13/2014 09:03 AMPosted by Spectre
And now I have:

Glorious! Can't wait to empty out a stash of white items!

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