Treasure Goblins Dont feel worth it anymore

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You've just gotta find a few of them :)
well i think mostly everything i kill in d3 doesn't feel worth it... since i get legs from random mobs... little insects drop legs randomly... dead bodies...

very rarely do i get a leg from something that is supposed to give me one... such as a boss or goblin or champion/elite pack.

i don't expect anything out of this game anymore, i just play it to waste time... since warcraft is stale and hearthstone is "deck of the week online"

sc2 isn't good for an ex pot head and alcoholic... reflex is very slow and mind is too careless... sc2 is a very good game... but at my age i won't ever rank 1 so no point playing unless its for "fun" aka wasting time
Goblins are garbage.
There is an abundance of Goblins, that's for sure. And I'd say that 1 out of every 30 to 40 drops a legendary on average. I'm okay with that. They do seem easier to catch and kill than the did prior to 2.0. I have no issues.
04/29/2014 06:35 PMPosted by nostylluen
well i think mostly everything i kill in d3 doesn't feel worth it... since i get legs from

white chests.
got iceclimbers and shard of hate from gobs.
04/29/2014 06:27 PMPosted by zim
You've just gotta find a few of them :)

0.0000000000001 % chance of this !@#$ happening
I got 1 leg drop from goblins out of all my kills in ros.

that is kinda sad. correction, super sad.
I got a total of 3 legs off the countless gobs I've murdered or help murdered in RoS. All were basically junk legendaries worth more as a Forgotten Soul. Yesterday I was "fortunate" enough to be see 2 different occasions of a pack of goblins in 2 separate rifts. Know how many legendaries either of those dropped for me? 0. Does that mean killing most if not all the gobs in a goblin pack in rifts (in T2+ pubs) should warrant a leg? I wish it would, but really it doesn't, it's a very rare occasion anyway to see quite a few in a certain place on a rift.

When you go through all that trouble trying to kill them as well as attracting the attention of nearby enemies as well as champs/elites, it can get hectic to maintain focus on killing them without getting locked down and even killed.
They need to add a bigger bonus to just encountering treasure goblins. The drop rate upon the goblin's death seems fine, but it is hard to always get the kill.

Just a thought; i think it would be a great addition if the amount of gold that drops, as the goblin runs away from you, was increased per gold pile. The gold that drops currently is miniscule and nothing of note. I feel that the treasure goblins should drop very large amounts of gold as they run (range from 50,000 gold - 200,000 gold). This makes every "run in" or experience with a treasure goblin a rewarding incident.

This high gold reward would also create an incentive to find as many treasure goblins as one can, motivating exploration of each of the acts (along side bounties).
04/29/2014 05:30 PMPosted by Grimiku

It is a little bit like chasing a treasure chest with hit points, and I feel like they're worth the time it takes to kill one. I'm sure that's one of those things that will vary depending on who you ask, but I can confirm that we haven't made any recent alterations to their treasure.

Of course you like it and think it's working fine.
You guys are amazing.
That was sarcasm for the record. There are so many things wrong with D3, adn you guys think it's good/working well/in a good place, etc. absolutely amazing.
04/29/2014 03:34 PMPosted by Jekka
Gob parties in rifts, embrace.

Embrace what? Piles of gold, yellows and blues? I've encountered groups of gobs 4 times, and it amazed me each time that that is all that dropped.
They aren't even close to exciting.
Change the name. They aren't.
Should be called Crafting Mat Goblins. Give them a 50% chance to drop a leg or forgotten soul, that will make them interesting.
04/29/2014 06:42 PMPosted by mike
04/29/2014 06:27 PMPosted by zim
You've just gotta find a few of them :)

0.0000000000001 % chance of this !@#$ happening

Just got done doing a t4 rift as well... There was actually 2 packs in it too. Not a single leg dropped.
04/29/2014 05:48 PMPosted by solitarium
thanks for making this post. I'm going to start a running spreadsheet of drops from Treasure Goblins and maybe putting some stats behind the information will assist in possible buffage

Great idea! Would love to see it. :)

Thanks for the additional feedback, as well. It's awesome to have hard data, but the emotional component and knowing how things feel to you while you're playing is just as valuable.

Edit: "You're" not "your." Ugh, I am so ashamed.
When you run into a Treasure Goblin, everyone in the group rushes over to murder it!

Treasure Goblins are exciting, fun to chase around, intense, short term bonus enemies.

The overall feeling of the encounter is great, however the rewards are severely underwhelming and always leaves you feeling like there should be something more; as others have said, it feels like chasing resplendent chest around.

It is disappointing to kill one and only get gold, magic items, rares, or crafting mats; this feels counter intuitive to the excitement of finding one.

I would propose several changes to make the encounter more rewarding and fun:

1. Reduce the spawn rate of Goblins to increase the thrill of coming across one.
2. Significantly increase their Legendary and Set item drop rate so that you nearly always get one or two items you might actually use.
3. Give a bonus to players wearing a Puzzle Ring to get better and more loot from a Treasure Goblin.
4. Increase Goblin toughness significantly.
5. Increase the time it takes until they hop into their portal.
6. Let them spawn with several attributes which make them more difficult to chase, such as: missile dampening, slow movement speed aura, players get knocked back when hitting them, teleport, wormhole, waller, jailer, damage reflect and maybe even electrified.
7. Give the players the potential to visit wherever it is that the Goblins go to, when they portal away: Make a new enemy, the extra rare Goblin Portal Master. He only spawns when you kill all of the Goblins when they spawn as a group of 8+. Upon killing him he drops no loot at all, instead upon death he opens a goblin portal to the Goblin Treasure Haven zone.

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