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Where's ask the dev's part 3? It'll be done when it's done! NO... You pay for beta and you pay NOW! As long as Mike gets to golf on Tuesdays... that is all that matters.
There's some really great feedback in here -- thanks! (Seriously, I've read through every post on every page.) I'm going ahead and lock this thread, however, because the conversation is becoming one not of discussion, but of harassment (of each other and of Blizzard employees too).

For clarity, there's no harm in players sharing their concerns or thoughts in these forums; that's in part what they're here for. The only thing we ask of said players is that their complaints and criticisms are voiced respectively and constructively, towards each other and towards Blizzard employees as well. We certainly don't mind the feedback (and, in most situations, openly welcome it), but we do mind harassment, trolling, spamming, and derogatory remarks -- i.e. things that don't serve to build a community, but instead work to tear it down.

If anyone would like to continue providing feedback, you're welcome to kick it my way by emailing! Or, if you don't feel comfortable doing that (which, I don't think there's any reasons that you shouldn't), you can also email :)

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