Pet/CDs with only MoJ and TotD

Witch Doctor
Dear all,

The following build isn't really original (there aren't original builds in diablo anymore):!TWVh!bbabYb

For example here is a reddit discussion that got me thinking:

What I thought was surprising is how well this build worked with my relatively crappy gear, and lowish paragon levels (I am only around 150 now). It definitely outperforms a straight bat pet build for me. I also found it more fun to play because of having to think about cooldown usage. Bat channeling gets kind of dull after a while...

This build differs from a typical pet build in a number of ways: rain of toads instead of bats, tribal rites instead of midnight feast, and a hybrid gearing strategy of both IAS and CDR (for example, I use paragon points for CDR, not IAS!). The two pieces of gear that made this build a good killer were MoJ (to boost Gary, fetishes you proc, and also FA) and TotD (to power grave injustice). I don't yet have Zuni's or SMK, obviously. Or even Tusker!

The idea with this build is you have Gary up for every pull, almost. If you are killing in a healthy way, you can spam pirahnado which groups things for Gary to punch to death (mine crits for 30-50 million given my relatively crap gear, even without midnight feast). I also found Strongarm to help with pirahnado damage buff, but I did ok without it.

BBV is generally up for every elite pack. Sometimes in rifts you get a huge megapack with multiple elites, and in that case you kill so much, you can generally chain BBV and Gary. I use fetish army if for whatever reason I haven't yet generated enough fetish sycophants (happens on bosses sometimes). Generally 20 seconds of Gary + fetish army + BBV + me spamming toads will kill anything. Sometimes your cooldowns don't quite line up with packs. But because I have been generating fetish sycophants, generally they just tank for me and kill things while cooldowns reset.

The reason bats didn't work well for me was because some types of elite packs force you to move after you start channeling, and also knock you around (Morlus I am looking at you!) This wastes mana, and a typical pet build with bats does not have a slot to get mana regen going. If you can't spam bats, you can't spawn fetishes. Bats are poor for breakables (breakables have legendaries!) Also rain of toads has very very good life leech. I found that survivability was more important to me than damage when soloing in higher torments. This is also why I run ghost trance on BBV. Rain of toads does generate fewer fetishes than bats, but I found that pirahnado and rain together generate 5-10 fetishes in a normal course of play. This seems enough. Also rain has poorer damage than bats, but in this kind of build the vast majority of damage is from Gary and fetishes, not from you.
I run a rather similar build as yours except that I ditched the WProtector for Piranhdo as I got fed up with the AI of the Garg... I am abt the same paragon as you are but I think I have slightly better gears so I dont run the Fetish Syco as my SMK keeps the FArmy and BBV up most of the time.!hTeW!bacbbc

I also didnt like the fact that I need to be stationary to cast Firebats that's why I changed my build from Bats + Syco to the current one. I also like Haunt as it can be casted accurately from a long distance and by the time the monsters run to you, some damage has already been done. Plus I stack some area damage so Piranhdo the mobs and Haunt + RoT them will really quickly kill em.

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